Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What's Going on in Your World?

It's November 16. It's sunny and cool outside, with a huge downpour in the forecast...must remember to clear basement floor in anticipation of the inevitable inches of water that will accumulate there.

I'm at the local library and my kids are playing happily for perhaps the first time today. Love the smell of this place...cleaning products and books...lots of them. I'm surrounded! Alternative medicine behind me, DVDs to my left, Automechanics and Farming to my right. The comfy easy chair by the fireplace is taken (boo!) so I'm sitting on a hard plastic chair.

I still haven't settled on what to have for dinner. We're completely and utterly broke (you know, when the mortgage comes out Friday, you don't get paid for another week, the needle on the fuel gauge is flirting with the "E", and you're out of milk, fruit, and bread?). Time to visit a financial advisor. What to do? Remortgage house to pay off all other little loans, then pay one big, predictable payment each month? Sell the homestead, move to the Arctic (the pay is great! isolation...not so much), and start anew? Continue living month to month in complete denial that being broke is actually the norm? So maybe just spaghetti for dinner, since I have all I need for this standby.

I'm excited that the library has Season 5 of Grey's Anatomy on DVD. I foresee an evening of finishing up my Advent crafts (exchange is on Thursday!), eating popcorn, and ogling Dr. Owen Hunt. Yes, he's my favourite. Dr. Sloan is just too...perfect, and slutty. And Dr. Shepherd? I can't forget him in "Can't Buy Me Love"...that, and he looks like a bad kisser (I don't give a damn how nice his hair is)!

My chickens are moulting. They look so pathetic and ugly! The number of eggs we're getting has dropped dramatically. Robin has renovated the duck barn to house both the ducks and the hens to save on heat in the winter...hopefully the number of bodies in there will keep them warm enough, in addition to a couple of heat lamps! Now we're trying to figure out how to round up the ducks, which are decidedly feral, aside from their hilarious sneak attacks on the hens' food. Ducks act subtle by waddling in an awkward herd, quacking in absolute terror. This happens daily.

That's today's update. I know your life isn't as thrilling as mine.

Thanks to the world wide web for the photos!


  1. I knew you would eventually come around to liking Dr.Hunt more. Dr. Sloan would not be a good Jamie Fraser unless they really messed him a bit. But Dr. Hunt..Oh my...
    Spaghetti is our 'end of the week before payday' staple, too.
    Hang in there!

  2. Spaghetti for supper here, too.........
    Whats going on in my world?
    -Lost our fulltime nurse last week
    -Lost our part-time day relief worker this week
    -Spent a part of the day in a Parent Support group at a children's palliative care home as one of the parents
    -simulaneously painting a cast, working on Meredith's Life Album Volume 8 and creating a photo book online for dad about our trip to NYC.

  3. See if your library has any of the season's of Sons of Anarchy. It's rude, crude and violent but has the most AMAZING HOTTIE (Charlie Hunnam)to ogle. And actually, it's really a great show. The eye candy is just a bonus! :)

  4. We are in the same financial position here as well, this time of year my partner gets laidoff from his job and I am a stay-at-home mom of 2 young children, so unfortunately it is pretty tight.
    Although I would like to thankyou for inspiring the 'homemade' Christmas gift idea. I have several things on the go.
    And Lana, I am also familiar with Jamie Fraser and I don't think anyone can live up to Jamie Fraser!!!

  5. I think you'll find all of our lives are as glamorous as yours today....I too am having spaghetti, if only to use up the rest of a ball of mozzarella (rather than find it a week from now, fuzzy at the back of the fridge and swearing at myself that I've wasted yet MORE money on spoiled food), my 17-year old cat is sitting on my lap while I try to work on the computer over her little body (I can't deny her the simple pleasure of trying to spend time with me on a dreary day), and I have to search for jobs & work on my resume today when all I want to do is curl up with the library books I got the other day.

    Yuhp.....good to know we're all in this thing together!

  6. sigh, financial woes. I feel ya sista! We are having our share of those right now. We just got a financial advisor as well, and I must say, it's been a great wakeup call. Maybe we should join Oprah's Debt Diet....hang in there!!


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