Friday, November 12, 2010

Before the Long Dark

November is decidedly upon us, with its colour scheme of grey and brown, its withering and fading away of colour. As we get the last of the wood in, set more mousetraps, and prepare to nestle in for the winter, getting outside to play in rubber boots and sweaters takes on a new urgency. Yesterday we had a spontaneous lunch in the potting shed, with milky tea, cheese and crackers, salsa and chips, and some homemade ginger crackle cookies (will share recipe next week!). We enjoyed the warmth of the sun through the windows, the ease of running in and out without the armour of snow-clothes, and the pleasure of each others' company.

Bengal Spice Tea.

Margot's inevitable spillage...

This window seat is a perfect fit for this little body.

Now and again I need the reminder to make hay while the sun shines, as they say, and just go out to PLAY...the imminent winter is a good enough excuse (if one was needed!) to get out and enjoy the last days of Autumn.


  1. I feel the same urgency. Every day it is, "Get done with the work and go out and play!" We have had some gorgeous days in the 70's here lately.

    Spicy cookies and spice tea are on the menu here as well--in fact, I just had a cup of Bengal Spice yesterday, and we were eating windmill cookies. There is something delicious about this getting ready to hole up for the winter, although by the end of January I have usually had my fill of the indoors!

  2. Same for me....this week has definately created a sense of "get outside...your days are numbered".
    What a lovely and lucky thing you have in that potting shed.

  3. Our temps have dropped severely this week, and we are starting to settle in to hibernation mode. You are all very wise to take advantage of comfy days outdoors :)

  4. I hear ya, I am trying to get my outdoor runs in while I can, because I know after that its the hamster wheel for me.
    Love the "Irish farmer" look!

  5. Looking forward to the recipe for your ginger cookies! I recently made your hamburger soup and I see it being a family favourite this winter! Thanks.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Just yesterday I brought needle felting supplies to do handwork for a play date, but it was so beautiful out, we just had to enjoy the sunshine because we know there will be more than enough dark days to come.
    (I am going to write about your Handmade Holiday post on Monday if it ok).
    Warm wishes,


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