Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saying Yes, and More Handmades...

My thoughts have been leaning towards the possibility of an internet-free December. My reasons are many and varied. You know those days where you wish you had just one extra hour in the day? Well, I don't know about you, but I certainly spend at least an hour on the internet each day. By the time the pictures load on my blog, or I check and comment on everyone's facebook status updates, an hour has passed. Or I go on for "just a minute" several times a day. Before I know it, those minutes add up to an hour.

So, what would I do if I was granted an extra hour in my day?
::play with my kids
::bake cookies
::write a letter
::do a bit of housework that I never seem to get to
::sort through a still-unpacked-after-our-move-two-years-ago box
::talk to my husband
::lie in bed and read
::and so on and so on

It all became glaringly clear to me today while I was creating these little folk for a craft class we're teaching tomorrow:
Nativity peg-people!

I was enjoying the process of bringing this wee Mary and Joseph to fruition, when Violet came in and sat beside me. There was a time when I regularly crafted with my kids and patiently taught them to do some version of what I was doing. Lately, though, my crafting time is limited and I quickly shuffle them off to less messy endeavours. She watched quietly for a moment, then lovingly picked up Joseph. So I asked her, "Do you want to make one?" Her little face lit up. I let her choose the colours, and helped her sew a heart on to her "guy's" cape. As she worked she kept saying, "You're teaching me how to do this, mommy? You're my teacher?"

I'm so proud of those tiny stitches made by a 3-year-old's hands!

She painted on a face, then decided she wanted the whole head purple...

I thought of that extra hour. I looked upon the pride and joy on that little girl's face, and reflected upon the many opportunities I could have to teach her things a small child might want to know, without hurrying her on to less messy things. I found a well of patience I thought had been lost to me. I am thankful for this moment of grace, and plan to add many of them together to make up an hour a day to nurture my children's spirits.

December will be a quiet month at The Knitty Gritty Homestead, at least in its blog space. I'll post occasionally as inspiration nudges me, but I will choose my moments carefully.

How would YOU spend an extra hour in your day? Where might you find one?


  1. ah yes.. that extra hour... I am always on the look out for one of those. The delicate balancing act of life. I wish for you a wonderful December full of all those lovely extras you are desiring.
    Love the peg people! Especially the one created by sweet V. Thanks for the inspiration in encouraging my girls to share in the fun of crafting.
    Love to you

  2. Me too! And I know you are right about the computer gobbling up so much of the day. You've put in words how I've been feeling, and now I'm totally confused about what to do for Dec. I had a plan to blog my daily Christmas Journal, but I'm not sure I want to spare the time. I also know it would be very hard to cut out the internet completely, as that's how I keep in touch with so many family and friends. I'm thinking of compromising by getting up a bit earlier in the am, and if it's not blogged by the time the kids are looking for me, then it doesn't get blogged. And then the computer stays off until they are back in bed at night. Might work, might not, but I think that's the plan.

    An inspiring post as always, and what a great job by Violet!! What a fun mom-daughter project!

  3. What an amazing creation your daughter made and the time you had with her. I've been busy this last year promoting my farm at shows and festivals plus hitting all the various knitting and spinning meetups to network and sell that I didn't realize that I was gone from home so much. My kids did. I was supposed to spend most all of Black Friday with my knitting group but instead...I stayed home. It was a decision I won't regret. My kids are 8 and soon to be 10 (in two weeks) and this time with them is precious. Never under-value the quality time we have with our parent-child relationship. If you've been reading my blog then you know I am approaching the one year anniversary of my father's death. I cherish every memory he gave me and I want the same for my children of me.

  4. Lovin' those sweet peg people...and to mere hours I'll have some of my very own!!!!
    Hard to prioritize our lives...they just seem to fill up with more and more "to dos"...but, I feel the same way as you...sometimes I sit here and wonder where the day went, and then I realize that yes, part of it was spent on the computer, (and it does feel a bit wasteful at times)!

    Love Violet's little creation...what a lovely moment for the two of you!
    xo maureen

  5. May I suggest a challenge to you Miss Knitty Gritty? Why not remove the computer from your household for 1-2 weeks so as not to be tempted? We will all know where you are and will look forward to a post after your long and much needed break from cyberspace.
    Oprah did a show once where she unplugged a couple of families for a cell phones, no computers, no texting, no television. The 3 year old almost lost his mind without the t.v. and well, the adults were almost nuts with their idle hands and lack of 'connection.' It was very similar to what you would see in someone going through rehab for drug/alcohol addiction. There was anger and tears and anxiety about what to do with themselves and then miraculously, things shifted. I challenge you to going unplugged with your family for one full week to start. You may be surprised at how therapeutic it is.

  6. I'm just coming off a lovely retreat this weekend and my thoughts are definately steering in this direction too. A spirit of quiet presence to all my beloveds and a simplicity to our days. I like Julie's unplugging idea...I think I need to do that too.

  7. In the end, the people who matter most in our lives are our children. We are the hero in their lives and pretty much all we have to do is spend time with them. Not money, not fancy words, not trips around the world. Just our time. What does that cost, really?
    I spent this past weekend with my girls- not on the computer, not on the phone, not with my book. Just with them and it was wonderful. My patience and silliness and imaginative levels went up as my other distractions went down. We just hung out, baked, did a little Christmas shopping, put up the outside lights, cuddled in bed and talked. I didn't realize how much I missed them, which is so odd when we live in the same damn house!
    No matter how much we love your blog, and how much your facebook friends love your updates, your beautiful babes deserve that extra hour so much more.
    You can do it! And you will be so glad you did.
    p.s LOVE Violet's peg person!

  8. We have slow satellite so when it rains or it's cloudy we don't have internet connection at all which is often. It's a good thing even though I only go on the internet for a short time in the evenings but I think of nicer things to do. But then again all those wonderful blogs full of ideas and inspiration...

    Your little girl's doll is beautiful!


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