Sunday, November 7, 2010

Handmade Holidays...Tiny Stockings!

For the past 4 years, four friends and I have created sweet handmades to exchange. We each make 5 of 5 items, then gather for an afternoon of tea and sharing. We all end up with 25 unique, beautiful handmades which we wrap individually in tissue paper, attach to a large tree branch, and present to our children on the First of December. Each day until Christmas, they open a lovingly-handmade gift and anticipate the big day!

We often feel so busy as the holidays approach, and sometimes we all think...oh, do we have the time or energy for this? This is where flexibility comes in handy (e.g. three handmades, two store-boughts!)...I find as I start to create my contributions, I just get excited and the energy flows in.

Today I began work on these little stockings. They're delightful! I found the pattern in "Better Homes and Gardens' Holiday Craft" magazine, which you should be able to find at your grocery store. It's full of wonderful little handmades and ideas for gifts you can craft for your loved ones.

100% wool felt, including some plant-dyed pieces add to the rustic feel of these little stockings.

Tiny stitching and beads add to the Jan Brett appeal!

I'm thinking of mounting each of these little stockings on a piece of white felt, and adding hanging-loops...we'll see where inspiration carries me. If you're the crafty type, how are your handmades coming along? Advent Sticks could be quickly and easily assembled with small store-bought items if you're NOT the crafty  type. Gather your other non-crafty friends and each of you bring 5 of 5 little gifts to share. Be flexible and have fun! Be sure to visit Tonya over at Plain and Joyful Living for more Handmade Holidays ideas!


  1. I found this idea on the internet, where you collect 21 or 24 little colourful socks (maybe some mis-matched ones that you have) and hang them in a special place in your house. You can have a set for each member of your family. For every day of advent or the days leading to Winter Solstice you have a special gift, note, card, comment, etc - whatever you can think of in those little socks. It's a different way to do it and you can have fun thinking of things that you can put in each one, for your children, and for other members of your family. I think I might give it a try. Some of them will be my own crafty things - some little items may be special bought. We'll see. It could be lots of fun and a good way to get your children involved in it for other members of the family. Bliss! ;o) As for other crafty/home-made gifts - I have started this year with some 'eye spy' bags, some clothing, and maybe some crowns and wooden blocks. I love having kids at such a young age who I know will appreciate these gifts. It's so much fun! Happy crafting and thanks for the tip!

  2. yay! I can finally comment (newish computer now!)
    Love these. so sweet. Looking forward our advent sticks.
    S. xo


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