Monday, November 22, 2010

Violet needs a haircut. She has a tiny little face, and a big head of hair, like a teasle or Chewbaca. She is one of those kids who screams bloody murder if we wash/comb/groom her hair in any way. She HATES elastics and barrettes. She does not want princess hair. So she'll be visiting the hairdresser this week. Making the appointment reminded me of a haircut Violet got just over a year ago...

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Violet.

One day she found her mother's scissors. The big sewing scissors. She opened the blades, poised them across the top of her head, and said, "Mine cut mine hairs, mommy!" The mommy, not wanting to startle her beautiful daughter into a run, took a slow step towards her child, just as the blades of the scissors closed.The mother started to laugh/cry in horror/hysterics.

This was not the kind of trim that could be remedied by elastics or comb-overs. It was decided that Violet would need a professional.

Tara, at our local hairdressers', proclaimed Violet's handiwork irreparable...

...and set the clippers to "0". You could see the hesitation and regret on this professional's face as the little girl's remaining hair was shorn away.

You can see in this photo how the experience disturbed the little girl, and it was all her mother's fault for leaving her scissors out.

All ye crafty moms, a warning take by me: if ye have scissors, your child will find them. Hide them well, my friends, hide them well.


  1. That's some trim she gave the hairdresser to work with... I remember when!

  2. Oh my -- mouth wide open imagining this happening to me. Thanks for sharing your brave heart. I would have freaked.

    Namaste, Nicole

    She is darling!

  3. OI! I was very, very pregnant with my third when my 3 year old girl cut her curls off.... one big snip right across the back of her head and all was lost! I totally cried.... though we did not have go with a buzz cut, so it was certainly less traumatic than your experience. As far as short hair, my 8 year old has had an itsy bitsy bob for the last few years.... no tangles and minimal tucking behind the ears.... she just decided to grow it out! We'll see how it really works out...

  4. Good thing she is so damn cute- she can totally rock the buzzed look! (Umm- didn't you shave your head at one time? Maybe you should post a pic of that beside hers...just sayin')
    I love her and can't wait to see her latest 'do!

  5. Oh dear Mamma, that story brings back memories! My eldest daughter NEVER cut her own hair, but her three sisters were always fair game.

  6. Ah yes, the unscheduled haircut. When I was much, much younger my even younger brother had beautiful fair curly locks, the stuff that everyone runs their hands through. Well he did until I asked him to step into my "beauty parlour" which was in fact the front hall closet. Yes, in the dark I cut his hair. To say that my mother was mortified would be an understatement, and sewing scissors were never left unattended again....


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