Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tutorial: Clothing Swap!

Every once in awhile, when our closets seem too full and we're bored with what's in them, we (our circle of women) organise a Clothing Swap. It often corresponds with someone's birthday or another occasion. It happens at night, with wine and appetizers, or in the afternoon, with tea and cookies. We mostly bring women's clothes, but sometimes include children's and men's clothes. We bring shoes, scarves, gold shorts, orange pants, feathery shirts...anything goes!

Shanti explains the "rules" to new swappers.

Here's how it works: we all gather, visit, nibble, then the magical moment arrives when someone says, "Swap time!" We all grab our bags/baskets/boxes of clothes, and DUMP them in the middle of a large space. Then the free-for-all begins. Sometimes there's good-natured screaming and scrambling. Sometimes there's a wear-off, if one item is desired by two (where both parties model it and we kindly decide who wears it best). Often there's a kindly, "Oh, this looks like it would fit you!" Don't take the time to try everything on at first; just stash it behind you. When the frenzy has died down, try everything on, and put back anything that doesn't fit/look right.

Loot bags for women!

The mountain of wardrobe riches...


Picking through the treasures.
Once the clothes have been thoroughly picked through (and stirred and picked through again), we often have a fashion show, showing off our best score of the night! The clothes that are left behind (and there are usually lots) are bagged and donated, and everyone goes home with a few "new" (free!) articles to add to their wardrobe.
Swaps allow for creative expression and wild ensembles.

And of course, someone always brings (or models!) funny lingerie...

If you're feeling bored with your wardrobe, or overwhelmed with the mountain in your closet, now is the time to organise a clothing swap...just make sure you don't leave with more than you brought!


  1. How fun!! Looks like you have a great bunch of girls there!

  2. What a fun and "green" idea! Clothes for me is always last on the list to buy - swapping and some girl time sounds so much more attainable than shopping and spending money.

    Thank you - I am inspired.

    Namaste, Nicole


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