Thursday, January 24, 2013

art without attachments

I cut my girls loose with acrylic craft paint, some images cut out from back issues of "O" magazine, some glue, watercolours, and permanent pens. We talked about their choices, what drew them to certain images, and explored how their images looked on different- colored backgrounds. They proudly signed their work, then ran off to play.

Art without attachments to what they're creating. Art with no plan and no pressure to make it look like something. Art for its own sake. Art matters.


  1. It does!! It really does. And I love their artwork. I would LOVE some kind of mixed-media art from them for my own walls. Then again, maybe I should just buy some fresh supplies and let MY girls loose!! Hmmm..maybe an activity for Sunday....
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Ditto to Lana's comment. Actually, the youngest 3 have been at it with the paints this week - maybe they could add some cut & paste to it. I always loved cut & paste as a child. Great shot of the paint brushes - love that there's a toothbrush in their too :-)

  3. It sure does!! Such beautiful masterpieces!


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