Monday, January 14, 2013


There are so many things that seem to be in short supply these days:

  • time
  • sleep
  • patience
  • space
  • solitude

But as the days pass and the baby gets older, I'm starting to discover more:

  • love
  • perspective
  • hugs and attention to go around

These are the days I hang onto. I'm learning that usually it's enough to play tea party with my three year old, even if it's just for 15 minutes. A game of cards with my five year old takes only a bit of time, but it's usually enough. I want to find more to give my seven-year-old, who is at school five days a week so misses his time with me. 
Mostly, I am learning that whatever I can give today will just have to be enough, even if it's back-to-back movies, pajamas all day, popcorn for lunch, and playing instead of laundry. Even if I only knit one round of my new hat, it's enough for now.

And I discover that my life is full of more than enough wonder and beauty, in the midst of diaper changes and homework and dance practice and flu bugs and trying to fit a bit of sleep in here and there.


  1. oh, to have had such insight when my kids were took me a long time to figure that out- how to enjoy the 'enough' moments. They will grow soon enough, the kids. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and honest stories with us! Warm greetings, Margje-Margo

  2. Well done, Homestead Girl! It is very very true. It doesn't take much to meet everyone's needs for attention and the rewards are very much worth it. LOVE the photos of the little tea party and the card-player. This first year with a new babe is about survival. Just do what you have to do each day- Keep the all fed, hugged, clean and rested (if you can!) Movies and pjs all day sometimes? Who cares!! It's your time they want. That's it. And having you there is their dream come true.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much is gotten out of even just the simplest of activities? Something as simple as a movie and popcorn on the couch really leaves such a lasting impact! Enjoy this time and know that your love is always enough! :)

  4. I am impressed you get that much done! I'm sure even a few moments together means the world to your kids.

  5. Love, love the tea party.

    It's so hard to remember this some days! Yes, it is enough and it was amazing. If I can just slow myself down and realize this. Love the post.

  6. My daughter loves those Calico Critters too (a present from Grandma!)...but why do all those pieces need to be so damn small!! We are forever looking for a lost rolling pin, plate or tea-cup!!

    Thanks for this post. I am in the part of my pregnancy (24 weeks) where I panic to think of how I am supposed to do it all; care, nurture and play with my 3 and 5 year old; while also providing nourishment and love to a newborn! You have made me feel so much better!!

    Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job Mama!

  7. yes yes yes!!!! it is amazing that our children's perception of time is not our own. When my son was born, my nephews always wanted to hold him. For them, that meant, 20 seconds of Avi sitting on their lap. 20 Seconds was enough for them. When we can say yes, and give just a little of the little bit that we have to give... it can mean the world. I am loving the grace resounding from you!


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