Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the kiss of winter's sun

The word "snap" has such charming in ginger snap and snapdragon.

When you apply it to weather, it's a cold snap, which is perhaps less charming.

We are in the midst of one...this morning the thermometer read -31 degrees Celsius when my husband went outside to see if his car would start. It's a time for many layers, for scarves pulled up to just below the eyes, for two pairs of socks and cuddling up under wool hats and cozy quilts. Those of us who don't have to go to school or work opt to stay home in this weather, and Norah has figured out how to scooch her way over to my side during the night. 

The three year old, however, has her own style and chooses summer dresses with knitted tights, when the drafts across the floor would chase even the sturdiest of us under cover.

The beauty of a cold snap, however, is the sunlight that often comes with it. Deep bands of bright warmth that spill across the kitchen floor, making it the first choice of play areas. This girl has a knack for playing, creating stories and dialogues that evolve throughout the day. Yesterday, her tractor and ponies got all the attention and moved from floor to table to playdough quicksand as naturally as that sun worked its way across the sky.

In the depths of what can be a long, gray time this clear light, 'though not quite a harbinger of Spring (yet), brings with it hope and the promise of lengthening days and more sunny play.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog this morning...nice to meet you. :) It is very cold here, as well--in the negative temperatures. I am quite ready for summer! I suppose we have a long way to go, though...stay warm!

  2. Our cold snap is on the way out - hurray! I too have a small girl who prefers summer dresses to layers of warmth. I feel cat-like as we chase sunbeams as they move around the house. Roll on spring!

  3. My favourite pastime in a cold snap is a nap under my duvet in the patch of sun shining on my bed in the afternoon. Great photos.

  4. Oh yeah, a Snap Nap - Julie is on to something there! I LOVE knitting by the fire too. Driving to work and sitting in a freezing office? - not so much. That tractor and cart are FABULOUS!


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