Thursday, September 23, 2010

Summer Scrapbook: Take Two

After a ridiculously busy day of attempting to corral 19 3-5 year olds into some semblance of order (I think I'll rename my class "The Three-Ring Circus"), I so look forward to this day at home with my little ones. I think we may just play and cuddle.

To those of you that may think "Oh, lucky her...what about housework?", I am presently combatting a tendency to overload my life with "to-dos"...this has been an ongoing struggle. I am on the verge of complete exhaustion and it is taking a lot of effort to remind myself that burning out in order to "do it all" means that I can't take care of my family at all. So I'm declaring this a No-Housework-Zone...just for today.

Before we look forward to the beautiful season that is upon on us now, I want to meander back through some of my favourite summer moments...
Saying "yes" when the kids asked to have picnic-dinners;

Violet's forays into nature photography, whilst picking raspberries;
these boots, that dress, those elbow dimples;

one mysterious, tiny egg;

the essential accessories of "The Nutbrown Maid": bare shoulders and beaded necklace;

the ever-present, generous love and help of my mother;


Violet's criss-cross-backed tan;

this boy learning to swim underwater, and the many sandy adventures he had;

And this...after celebrating Violet's birthday in the potting shed, Jude went outside. We were listening to Afia Walking-Tree, and he started to dance, watching his reflection in the glass. The background noises are the girls in the shed with me, as I surreptitiously filmed his dance.
This is a child who climbs, jumps, swordfights, who has never taken dance or yoga classes...and who apparently has a natural sense of grace, symmetry, balance, and a mysterious depth to his movement that left us awestruck. The quick, sudden movements add a comic element, as he wards off the early summer insects.

Happy Autumn-Days to all...


  1. Holy, holy, holy..I don't know what. The pics are great and that video..oh. my.
    the dimpled elbow, the nut-brown maid, it's like a physical need-the way I miss your kids..thank you for sharing these, and enjoy your wonderful play day with them.

  2. ha! I quite enjoyed that performance...I think maybe he's been watching YOU perform...
    he may just have a future in bellydancing for men, (he'd be a popular teacher around these parts, seeing as how this may be the only area in the world where men are actually interested in learning how to bellydance ;)
    Great summer photos! Great idea to celebrate its end with a summer scrapbook!
    xo maureen

  3. There are many professionals who don't have the ease and ability to communicate emotion your son has, a great gift indeed.

  4. Just love your space here. We had a tiny egg yesterday too!
    I added you to the Handmade Holiday (sorry your email got lost in my junk mail for some reason)
    Many thanks and warm wishes,


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