Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Another Installment of "Say Yes".

Around the time we were expecting daddy to get home, we went outside on this foggy late afternoon; it had rained all day and it was our first foray outdoors. Jude found an inviting puddle and soon had his hands clenched around balls of mud. I said, "Get muddy, Jude!". The girls were drawn away from their own outdoor pursuits by his glee, and soon stripped down to the waist to join in the messy fun.

Jumping in mud puddles in late September? Yes!

My favourite of all the photos taken this day: Margot, ever chasing after
her longer-legged, fleeter-of feet siblings.

And the race back to the deepest puddle.

Daddy's car is spotted, so Jude moves Margot out of harm's way.


The bravest of daddies flinch not at the threat of mud on
their work pants; the wisest know that these hugs are precious,
and fleeting...

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  1. And the bravest of mummies popped the babes into a warm tub, no doubt!

    These pictures are spectacular!

  2. Absolutely precious; thank you for sharing. Fleeting - yes.

  3. so sweet - and wise words, indeed!

  4. Oh my goodness! These photos are amazing, the mist in the background is magical...
    Thank you so much for linking to Black and White Wednesday:)

  5. Such beautiful photos...so touching!

    The one of the three of them running down the driveway?? Could have been taken in any time period! Wow. LOVE the joy on Violet's face in the first one, and Jude moving Margot, and Margot looking up at Daddy.
    Just great.

  7. Wow, awesome pictures! Wasn't the weather yesterday afternoon wild?

  8. It was a lovely magical misty day...your kids must have LOVED it!
    xo maureen

  9. When V and I walk to the car in the wee early hours of the morning (usually on our way to daycare) he giggles with glee at the feeling of raindrops on his head. In the 30 steps or so it takes to get to the car, we're almost always - wet and muddy!


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