Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Happiness Project: A Little Cheese

Ask, my child, and you shall receive.

There comes a moment in every toddler's life, where the spoken word gains power. Mere crying doesn't cut it anymore. Some of the words that tumble from our toddler's mouth these days are: "Home", "Happy", "Cow" (which means, perplexingly, cat), "Apple", "Help me", "Noooo", "See?", "Sit here", "Daddy here!", and a whole range of animal sounds from her favourite book: Animal Sounds (copyright 1981).

She can communicate most of her basic needs and joys with these few words, and is learning new ones every day. The word that brings the most glee (aside from "Moooommmmmy" at 5:30 a.m., of course), is this one:






Margot proves that there are some accessories that will never fail you: yellow rubber boots, thrifted sweaters, pigtails, and of course, a cheesy grin.

Pop over to the The Happiness Project for more reasons to smile!


  1. She is such a cutie! I can see why she would bring a smile to your face! :-)

  2. I love her cheesy smile. It is wonderful when toddlers start talking.

  3. OMG! Laughing, laughing, laughing! Just great. What a fun way to start my day! I LOVE HER!

  4. how cute is that child!I wish we could preserve those moments forever.Love that old sweater.

  5. Oh my goodness, those photos are adorable!

  6. Love those photo's. The one thing I miss about my daughter being that age is the chubby fingers. Little sausage fingers.

    Such a beauty she is!

  7. Oh I just love these photos - our 2 year old makes us laugh many times a day as well as his language improves - nothing can beat when he says, "I love you Momma"... ahhh...

    Also, if you want to let me know when you have a handmade holiday post here, do you mind emailing me at naturalearthfarm@netzero.net?
    I try to check all the participants' blogs, but don't always get to them all.

    I also still have to correct your blog's name at the Handmade Holiday page.
    Thanks so much!
    Warm wihses, Tonya

  8. Oh my! Isn't it funny how all toddlers learn "cheese" and the face that goes with it?

    By the way, I LOVE that sweater! Did you make it?

  9. Oh she is so so soooo Cute!!! Love her happy smile... cheeeeeeeese!
    Happy Tuesday!

  10. A perfect post for the Happiness Project. She is a gem!


  11. Sweeetie Pie! Those are best piggy tails I have seen in awhile.

  12. Her smile melts my heart! What a beauty!

  13. So adorable!! Graham is 16 months -- he is a big boy. I can't wait for him to start saying more words. :)

  14. She is just about the cutest thing that I've seen in a while!

  15. Oh, what a fun and delight-filled age. Such fun photos. We have Animal Sounds too and it was a definite favourite of my oldest - now almost 15!! I've saved all those favourite books and hope one day to be able to cozy up with grandbabies and read them all again.

  16. Oh my word. Priceless! I remember when my K used to smile for the camera like that! Cheese makes me that happy too! ;o)

    My dear V is finding many words to communicate to us as well. His favourite word - DuhDah! (He IS the man of the house now!) ;o)

    Bless your beautiful family!

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