Saturday, September 25, 2010

Men at Work

Fall came upon us suddenly, it seems, and once again it's time to bring the wood in. Last year, my husband and a few of his buddies worked at bringing the wood from the barn (with the purchase of our house came 3 years' worth of split wood, which was a blessing when our kids were so small!). I prepared a beautiful harvest meal of squash soup, beer-and-cheddar bread, pickles, and pie.

This year, those friends have small babies to tend to, so my love's busy bringing it in day by day.  We've somehow stumbled into traditional roles when it comes to the work that needs doing around here (which means that, like my pioneering foremothers, I do the gardening, sewing, cooking, shopping, preserving, knitting, chicken tending, housework, appointment-keeping, and teach part-time, and he cuts the grass, takes the garbage to the dump, and brings in the wood, while working full-time). It's never really balanced, is it? I'm working on passing some of "my" jobs on to him, which I find challenging, control-freak that I am. But that's material for another post.

I took this one from the hayloft.

Gorgeous big barn where our wood is stored.

Barefoot in the woodshed...that's my girl!

There's nothing quite like watching your man do "manly work", is there, especially when it speaks of warmth and security for the coming winter?


  1. It's funny how we always fall into our traditional roles, isn't it? Well, maybe some other couples seem to avoid that, but we don't! I think as long as there's no resentment about ones' "jobs," it's all good!

  2. I was just telling my husband I want to learn how to do some of the "manlier" chores around the house. So jealous you need wood....we're a week from October and it's 105 degrees. *sigh* One more month and it will be tolerable!

  3. Hmmm. Not sure what happened to my goes again.
    You have one lovely barn there!
    Also, the last photo is great. Your girl may become more and more of a help in the wood department.
    On the subject of a man and a woman's role, I find myself home on a Saturday night painting the basement hall while Papa is playing a gig at Beau's brewery! Sheesh, the injustice.

  4. Well- it goes without saying what the sound of the chainsaw does to me...
    And yes- there is something very romantic and safe about watching your man bring in the wood, or start a fire, or fix something around the house.
    I would love to trade the laundry and the housecleaning for a day spent outdoors! Alas, I am a bit of a control freak myself..

  5. My man was out splitting wood today too! It's that time of the year...

  6. Ever tried letting your man cook, WITHOUT commenting on that he should actually do it this way, or put this in the pan to boil first, or do that later? Impossible!
    Fellow-control freak ;)

  7. Okay, I am totally envious that you have a gorgeous barn in which walls can actually be seen! A gorgeous barn that is not stuffed to the rafters with unsorted, bird poop covered STUFF. I was out in our barn the other day, with camera in hand, and was *so* discouraged with the mayhem.


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