Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fibre Arts Friday

Wonder Why Gal over at Wisdom Begins in Wonder celebrates the fibre arts on Fridays, and invites others to do so as well! One of today's tasks was sorting through my ever-overflowing knitting basket. I confess: I am GREAT at beginning projects. I LOVE the process of finding a pattern I love, choosing the yarn, getting the gauge right, and casting on. Then, about halfway through, my enthusiasm wanes as my interest leans towards some NEW project. This is why, after constant knitting, I only have one garment that I made for myself in the past 6 years. I do a lot of hats and smallish toys, because THESE I can finish. But I rarely make the same thing twice.

Warning: This Baby is Highly Addictive

That is why Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket is a surprise in more ways than one. The surprise for ME is that I am now working on my third one! The first was for Margot's first birthday in March. The second is just a stash-buster and is still ownerless (oh, I'm sensing another giveaway...)

The one I'm presently working on is for a baby due in...oops, September. Perhaps "presently working on" is an exaggeration, as I haven't worked on it in months.I did start it way back in May, but since then have ALSO started a sweater and a shawl for myself, mittens for Margot, and a unicorn for Violet. 

So, when I stumbled across it today (untangling it's ends from various other UFOs*), I decided it's down-to-the-wire enough for me to finish it!

So here's the real surprise (from which this sweater draws its name):
You take those shorter ends and flip them up,

and they become the sleeves

Isn't that the neatest, sweetest thing? The only seaming is across the tops of the sleeves. It's all clever increasing and decreasing to create these quirky you knit it, you think "This CAN'T be right!", end up with a blob of fabric, then flip it up and TA-DA! Amaze yourself with the cleverness of you.

I tell you, Elizabeth Zimmerman was a genius. If there was such thing as a PhD in knitting, she'd get the first one. Wow, I'm getting excited again...better get off the computer and get back to work on my BSJ!

*UFO=unfinished object in knitter speak

P.S. If you decide to tackle a BSJ, I HIGHLY recommend buying the row-by-row instructions (on a flyer) rather than the original makes the knitting of this sweater much easier.

I also HIGHLY recommend that you enter my giveaway! If you're a follower you can leave a comment every day until the winner is chosen!


  1. I must admit to possibly sharing the lack of focus on the knitting front. I started two sweaters this for Hazel and yes, one for me. Same pattern but different wool - honest. I am not done the sleeves yet for one, and the other, well, after knitting only 4 of the 11 inches required for the body I have set it aside for wee while.
    I love the colors of the BSJ in progress. Good luck at the finish line.

  2. Stephanie, your BSJs are GORGEOUS! I sense a giveaway that I'll win,dang it ;-) That way I'll not only have a beautifully garbed Littlest but I *also* won't have to tackle the pattern myself.

  3. I really need to knit a baby gift and keep thinking about this pattern and theirs another pattern that my friends insist is easy too but...I must finish the curse sweater I am learning to knit. Top Down and I'm digging it but I'm used to knitting hats so a sweater fit for me to wear is a huge project.

    Maybe I should set my sweater aside and knit this. The baby is due in a few weeks...argh! Maybe you should have that giveaway then I can win it and hold off knitting it for awhile ;-)

    Thank you for sharing. Don't forget to link in over at my blog.

  4. I am a follower so I am leaving another comment to increase my chances of winning. I also have one UFO which I plan to finish soon (promise) and I am starting a new hat for myself this weekend.

  5. I can't see the final pic! How come? Ah well, I do know what these look like and they are amazing. Maybe I should get this pattern and start one for my great-niece! SO CUTE!

  6. I adore knitting BSJs, such fun knits, love yours x

  7. Aren't these the best sweaters ever. I am so addicted to knitting these. I've made 6 already!!

  8. This is my first visit here and I can't remember how I got here but I'm so glad I found you. This baby knitting is just wonderful.

  9. I love to knit, but adding that to my repetoire of 'things that get ignored' will have to wait until later in life. It's hard to knit and blog at the same time.


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