Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Stop Shopping

With $40 in your pocket, you can go to Walmart and bring perhaps 2 or 3 items home. They'll be things you don't really need, and you'll wonder why you spent that hard-earned money on some gadget that is supposed to make your life easier, but really just clutters up your already-messy house.
HOWEVER, go to a multi-family yard sale up the road with $40 in your pocket, and you might find:
.:a vintage lilies-of-the-valley beverage set!

.:pretty-in-pink bowls!

.:a mismatched cream-and-sugar "set"!

.:a collection of silverware, to be hammered out and turned into windchimes!

.:a genuine "guzunder" (so called because it "guzunder" your bed for night time pees!)

You might also find an over-an-open-fire popcorn maker, a huge old washtub, and some clear glass jugs (complete with mouse skeletons inside...). You may stumble upon two touristy tea towels: "Traditional Yorkshire Recipes" and "Christmas Pudding" emblazoned on them.

This mama hung out for over 2 hours with her neighbours, chatting, munching on food brought over from the house next door, moving in under the tents when the rain started up again, and calling "CUSTOMERS!" with uninhibited glee when anyone would drive slowly past.

.:Clark is a local glass blower, musician, and purveyor of fine yard sale items!

.:The man on the left bought this motorbike to teach "the wife and kids" to ride. His teenaged son tried to hide his joy behind his saggy jeans and surly face, but I saw it. I also saw the joy on the face of the man on the right, who sold it!

Ah, yard sales. Where else can you get a deal on lots of things you don't need, entertain your kids for hours, visit with neighbours, and see this wonderful juxtaposition of wares all in one location?


  1. FUN!! Wish I had been there that day with you. LOVE the lily of the valley set!
    The photo of Violet at the bottom is adorable.
    Any yard sales this weekend coming up??

  2. Nice work. I'm a mason jar fanatic and wouldn't even pass up jars with mousy skeletons.
    Also, our guzunder (old unusable pressure cooker) has become my best friend while camping.

  3. what great finds! love the mushroom canister.

  4. I second the mushroom canister love! I know a certain toadstoolish somebody that would also LOVE it.

    Yard sales - such a summery activity that just sings out to me :-)


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