Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mushroom Tales

When I think of toadstools, I think of my days as a Brownie, dancing around that fibreglass (?) papier mache (?) toadstool, hard and glossy and brown, that sat in the centre of the school gymnasium. Brown dress, brown sash, little orange-and-white-with-maple-leaves scarf, and mismatched socks (they were supposed to be brown, but I was not working towards badges in organization, time management, or colour coordination...I always forgot it was Brownies night and ended up scrambling around looking for my *ahem* navy blue socks).

I also think of Smurfs. I had a collection of them, and spent much time having Smurf weddings, births, birthdays, anniversaries...and of course, Smurfs live in the classic red-and-white toadstools.

We have a local tourist attraction that involves storybook characters placed throughout a forest setting. They too are fibreglass, and some are mechanical. It is, in a word or two, kinda creepy. Every child of my generation has a grainy photo of themselves sitting on the big bunny's lap. Their gift shop was (and still is) a huge fibreglass toadstool.

I set out to knit a toadstool, just out of curiosity (watch for a tutorial this coming Friday). I was pleased with the result, then went on a search to find what other toadstools people had knit up. My search ended early when I came across this pattern. I knew I had to make one. Coincidentally, my friend at Twig and Toadstool had a birthday coming up...a perfect excuse for a Saturday crafternoon (not that I ever need an excuse to avoid housework and create something wonderful!)

Here's a closeup of the details, before I stitched the stem onto the cap:

Don't you just want to open that wee red door and find a faery-party in full swing? Or even better, a cozy chair beside the window, blue curtains blowing in the rose-scented breeze, a sunbeam to warm you and a great book just waiting for you?

This is the view the faery has as she comes in for a landing!

I found myself taking pictures of this mushroom cottage like it was a newborn baby...I HAD to have an image from every angle.

Now I must have one for myself. As I continue to unpack boxes that have been untouched since we moved here 2 years ago, I found a framed picture of faeries dancing around a faery ring: a circle of toadstools. Maybe this rainy day, when the kids are cranky and I'm a bit tired, is a day for a wander in the woods in search of a faery ring.


  1. What a beautiful creation. Of course you should have one for your very own.
    Are you near Storyland?

  2. I am once again amazed at your creative talent and am in love with those little flowery vines around the stem of the toadstool. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog Steph! Liz is a great girl. Just met her through the shop, but we've become quick friends. I LOVED that throw she knit. With all your creativity I hope maybe you'll consider being part of our upcoming craft show! www.handmadeharvest.com
    Think about it!!

  4. I am floored by the DETAIL in your creations! Stunning! Yes, you do indeed need a fabulous toadstool of your own. And join that craft show -- your work is so inspiring!

  5. I lovelovelove this! Omigoodness so precious and beautiful! I HAVE to make one of these. Thanks!

  6. Since I am the un-crafty one of the bunch....I read this and thought you might have been eating some "mushrooms" when you wrote it.
    Truth be told....I used to daydream about finding a settlement of little tiny people in the back garden.

  7. I have been admiring my sweet little toadstool all the day long...I've been searching for the perfect place of honour for it! Thank you dear friend!!

  8. Oh my!! That is simply stunning. I DO want to open that red door and then move right in and call it home. I have only just started embroidering but I know just the little girl I could make that for and I know she would be forgiving of any mistakes I make. The details on yours are just beautiful.


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