Thursday, June 17, 2010

Come Out

Won't you please come out and rest your eyes? One early morning in June, I awoke before everyone else; I crept down the stairs, avoiding the creaks, and grabbed my camera. One picture of the view through my front porch door, then out into the newly-dawned day to document that most peaceful, natural, and varied of colours:
Tansy Leaf

Perennial Geranium

Pretty Weed

Lady's Mantle



Locust Tree

Mullein, with friends


And my favourite, garden plant, the humble pea.

Can you find one restful moment today to sit and just look at the green around you? Yours eyes and your spirit will thank you. 


  1. Ah, I would love too! The choas of the day usually keeps my eyes busy, perhaps I should wake before the children and see what lies. . . your pictures are beautful byt the way!


  2. yes indeed!
    I share your love of the green that surrounds us!!

  3. Oh...I miss early mornings! The stillness and those're doing pretty darn good with your camera I'd say!
    :) maureen

  4. Right out my office window are the trees that line the river, and edge the park on the other side. I will pause and gaze several times today, until I am outside when the day is over!
    Love the photos.

  5. Love, Love your beautiful green photos! It just feeds my soul!

  6. Early morning is such a wonderful time - especially in summer.
    I can see you creeping along, knowing exactly where every creak in the floor is and avoiding them all to reach your destination.
    It is lovely outside your door.


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