Friday, June 11, 2010

A Favourite (Pioneering: Not Quite The Final Chapter)

This picture most captures our day at Upper Canada Village. Those cotton shirts in the homiest of plaids, suspenders, log barn wall...and especially those forearms and huge hands. These men aren't just acting!

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  1. Those men seem yummy ;) My kind of men!!! I love the *olden days* I want hubby to build everything from scratch, and wear cozy flannel too!!!


  2. Hi there--I found your blog a few days ago, I wish I could remember how I found it but I can't. I am slowly reading bits of it as I get the time, and really enjoying it. I grew up in Ottawa, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Upper Canada Village. We live in Windsor now, and money is tight, and I'm very bummed out that we can't take our children up north to UCV. Going there was seriously one of the highlights of my childhood, one of my favourite memories. So thanks for posting your lovely pictures of your visit there!


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