Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gardenmama's Wash Wednesday inspires us to view this timeless and endless chore as an inspiration to really see the beauty in hanging laundry. How old might the tune "The Irish Washerwoman" be? (We also like to dance to "The Boogie Woogie Washerwoman" by the Funky Mamas). Did anyone out there ever do that song where you choose who's It by singing "" while thumping your playmates' outstretched fists? What could have inspired such a song? Battling over the last clothespin?

Yesterday I was inspired to look not so much at what was on my line, but at what my line IS...a study in good invention, simple machinery, energy, and force. In our technological age, we're so used to "new inventions" becoming obsolete within a few years or even months. Imagine the reduction on the landfill burden if we created present-day items with such care and durability! With no need to upgrade or update, little maintenance, and the ability to use the free energy of wind and sun, it's no wonder they're still available CHEAP at your local hardware store. No big corporation will buy into this household wonder; my clothesline pully can attest to the fact that they're built to last, and there's no money to made off of that...

P.S. Are all children curious to know if pinching clothespins onto their fingertips, ears, noses, and lips hurts?


  1. Ah yes, my children are wearers of clothespins too. It is fun having clothespeg fingernails, I am told. And the clothespin itself, intriguing invention too. I like your perspective, Stephanie!

  2. I really appreciate what you have written here about how timeless and inexpensive a line is! And the last lines are too cute, yes I think it is universal! : )

  3. SO, so true!
    And what you have said about this sturdy invention is really thought-provoking. It made me think about Mac and how every few months they come out with a new iphone, ipad, etc. Each one better than the last. What a scam. And everyone buys them, one after the other. What happens to the "old" ones? Landfill, I suppose. It makes me shudder! But, yes, your 57 year old designed clothesline is still rocking it.
    LOVE the photos

  4. Your words are so marvelous. Just like the subject on which you speak. It is a marvel, and so odd that more people don't follow the breeze and dispense with the energy sucking dryer.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  5. I love hanging my laundry out. It's peaceful for me. Seeing my clothes flapping in the breeze is very satisfying. And yes, my children also clip my pins onto various parts of their bodies and cry out in distress when it pinches them.

    Stephanie :)

  6. Your photos are amazing on this particular blog!!! Really good writing and a post that makes me want to crawl into a bed with wind and sun dried sheets.


  7. I found bamboo clothes pegs which I absolutely adore. I wish I could remember where I found them as they are very sturdy and do not mold. I actually don't think my kids have put pegs on their fingers yet, but you can be sure that I have! *lol*

  8. Love it!!! We alos have an *orginal* clothes line on our house circa 1930. I enjoy your pictures tons!!!! Washday can be fun and beautiful and makes the earth happy!



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