Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Local Eating, Part 2: Gorgeous Greens

Let me introduce you to Kylah and Zach, a husband-and-wife team of organic farmers that is now providing lucky locals with gorgeous heritage produce! I don't have a picture of them to share, as they were off selling at a local market when I went to collect my veggies today. You can visit their website, as well as Kylah's blog to learn more about what they're doing!

We weren't able to afford a full share in the CSA this spring, but we've worked out a deal: I provide them with our free-range, organic eggs in exchange for a weekly basket of organically grown, heritage vegetables. I want to thank Kylah and Zach for the many, many hours of planning, work, and care, as well as heart and soul they put into their veggie-growing, because it saves me that work. I want to thank our beautiful hens for faithfully producing stunning eggs in exchange for water, food, and space to roam.

I just have to say that I feel overwhelmed with local bounty. A few years ago, "locavore" was an unknown concept. A few books were published, my favourite being Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, and many of our conversations with friends revolved around how we could make local eating more of a reality. I remember getting into a heated discussion about it with my dad, who felt local eating was completely unrealistic (even though 50 years ago, people were still mostly eating food that was produced nearby!).

Today, we are members of the Ottawa Valley Food Co-op, where we order local beef, pork, and vegetables. We will be getting our meat birds next week, along with a few more laying hens. We pick and freeze as many berries as we can manage. Now, thanks to Mike and Kylah and Zach, we have fresh, organic milk and produce to enjoy.

Aside from making economical and environmental sense, and the fact that everything just tastes so much BETTER when it's fresh, this food just feels...right. Check out to find a CSA farm near you. The connections you make there might just lead you to raw milk, locally and ethically produced meat, and ties that will bind you to your food and this earth.

(See the remnants of fresh peas on her chest? They didn't last the drive home!)


  1. Those are such delightful photos of your chickens. The curious approaching hen in the corner just makes me giggle. The produce is beautifully photographed but even more beautiful to consume. And gorgeous sweet little M...

  2. Wow, it looks as though you live in a really beautiful and productive neighborhood of folks.
    Any property for sale?
    This is a great idea for posts!

  3. I may have moved from the valley to a suburb of a large city but I was delighted to purchase a home with a south facing back yard. I have slowly been transforming our backyard into a veggie/herb garden(no mean feat with 2 kidlets under 4 and a full time job in the big city!) I have vivid memories of the bounty of my Mother's gardens, canning, freezing and relishing the delights all winter. My friends here often think I am off my rocker for attempting this in the city, but the same people have also asked me which veggies they could grow, how to make jam and what veggies to freeze. My kids ask well into Jan if "these carrots came from the garden". It's a joy to share this knowledge with them and any other child that comes to play and show them how and where their food comes from.


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