Thursday, April 22, 2010

This Morning

The rare treat of creamed-and-sugared coffee, an English muffin wth butter AND peanut butter, a GREAT book, instructions for our newly-acquired yard sale incubator, and a box of (hopefully fertile) duck eggs...looks like the perfect beginning to our day.

Plans include a lunch visit with a friend and her small baby (bliss!) and a trip into town to get some supplies at the Country Depot (thermostat, hygrometer, rubber gloves, and hopefully advice!). Hope yours is a productive and a good one.


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  2. Julie helped me find your blog. So happy for you today that this day began peacefully and all are well and happy. Hope the eggs are viable.

  3. Hope incubating goes as planned :-) Can't wait to see the ducks. What kind of ducks are you hatching? Just as our new chicks are settling in the Guinea hen farmer called, the keets hatched today! We're picking them up tomorrow - my kids are just loving their new farm animals; 2 brooders in a small farm house with kids - wish me luck and pray for warm weather soon so all the new livestock can take up residence in their new coops - outside :-)


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