Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Horse Love

We took a run over to our neighbours' farm to introduce "Stanley" to my husband and mom. This little colt was born on my dad's birthday (hence my nickname for him) and will be a week old tomorrow. He's just irresistible.
You can see his little tail wagging with nursey-bliss!

Here's a closer look at that wonderful, as-yet-unfurling tail:

I mean, seriously!!

We visited the herd afterwards, and my horse-lover was in her element. This often-intense, shrill-voiced, high-maintenance little woman was as serene as can be. We are presently in negotiations to bring Stanley home with us in August. Imagine the giggles? The frolicking? The wonderful memories of her first horse (even though we'll tell the kids he's "ours", I can't help but think of him as "hers")?

Someday this photo will be a treasured memento of her first love.


  1. Now *those* are horses that I could feel comfortable with! I've been advocating for miniature horses for our farm -- alas "cuz they're cute and small" apparently is not reason enough to break the budget. Sigh.

  2. Oh wow! I hope you do bring Stanley home with you! Amazing creature :)

  3. Holy HORSE that last photo is CUTE.


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