Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where I Am Today

After spending as much time as I can (which, admittedly, is minimal with the general chaos of my life) trying to post photos, seeing them come up small in the preview but posting blank with the little red "x", I've decided to just blog with words for now. Someday when this blog is famous you'll all look back and laugh at my newborn-blogger-self, stumbling around.

Things I'm thinking about today. Wanting my body to feel stronger...contemplating eating a cleaner diet. Wanting to stretch myself to be a better parent...contemplating unplugging the TV (we only watch movies, but still) and all that entails (needing to be more energetic, more "on", more organized and engaged with my kids). Maybe the first would lead to the second?

In my job as a kindergarten teacher, the children's day is full of all kinds of activity...indoor and outdoor play, hands-on learning, music and art and numeracy and literacy. It would never occur to me to put on a movie to get something done, because every moment is so precious, so full of potential for learning and growth. The kids at school are never bored because we just move from one activity to the next.

Of course, at school I don't have to clean the washrooms and floors, wash everyone's clothes, fold and put them away, prepare food for everyone...and the children are older than mine.

Still, I feel a change it's time to come out of the cave I crawled into when my first child was born. The cave of I don't have the energy, I can't do that because I have a baby, and all the other things we tell ourselves when we're in survival mode.

I'm going to start with me: more sleep, better food, and I might even try to squeeze in a little walk here or there. And we'll see where that leads me.


  1. Baby steps......pick one of the three mentioned above....the one that is easiest to manage and go from there. One step forward is better than standing still. You can do it! Enjoying your blog so far :-)

  2. Hear hear! The more sleep bit is definitely a thing to aspire to... ;)


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