Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good People

On Earth Day I had the pleasure of attending the GRAND OPENING of "Earth Rocks" in our little town.  Located in the front room of a rambling brick house, Earth Rocks provides many reasons to shop locally:

*a great selection of natural cleaning and beauty products, the majority of which are MADE IN CANADA
*very reasonable prices (I kept thinking I was misreading the price stickers)
*the proprietors, Meagan and Floyd, are what I deem GOOD PEOPLE: creative, funny, welcoming, as well as being dedicated and loving parents to their four children

In one of my first posts, I confessed to shopping at Walmart. Just to clarify, we live in very-rural Ontario...we are a 45-min. drive to the closest movie theatre, shopping mall, and fast food outlet. This is intentional, and while I am a big supporter of local businesses, sometimes I just can't get what I need at our local shops.

HOWEVER, I can now strike "cleaning products" off my monthly-trip-into-town list! Please show your support if you're passing through Eganville, and pop in to Earth Rocks!

(Sorry about the poor resolution of the's one Meagan emailed to me...think the resizing may have tampered with the quality!)

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  1. Congratulations on the business and way to go Meagan and Floyd!!! I will definately pop by when I'm next in Eganville!!
    Can't wait to see the shop!


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