Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Progress

As we prepare to play musical bedrooms (turning the attic room where the kids sleep into our studio, move the kids into our bedroom, and move ourselves into the newly renovated room that was once a walk-in closet and a tiny bedroom), the time has come to purge and organize the ridiculous amount of STUFF that accumulates in a house with two creative adults and three small children in it.

While we move everything around, our upstairs sunporch has become the depository for yarn, wool, fabric, books, stationary, musical instruments, outgrown clothes, renovation and painting tools, etcetera.

Today's big step was to go up there, and start organizing. My yarn stash has been in bins since we moved in almost 2 years ago, and is showing signs of the many times I've ransacked it looking for something specific. The resultant little baskets of bits and bobs seem to be multiplying. So today I started putting it all together again, in hopes of eventually having it sorted in a permanent home (the studio!). Other bins are being filled with fabric, notions, UFOs (too many to mention here), and so on.

I also started (with giddy excitement) a bin for a yard sale. Homesteadboy and I will split the proceeds and put them towards whatever we want (a luxury when on a budget like ours)...this is great motivation for me to part with the STUFF I've held onto for years.

In the footsteps of my friend Ammerins, I have dubbed myself a procrasticleaner. But it's time to make this house a place that is simple, clean, and organized (as much as it can be with, as I've said, two creative parents and three small children in it!)

What progress are you making towards creating a space you love?


  1. I like your photos and your questions at the end of an entry. Gets me thinking.
    I have a dream of re-doing our bedroom to make it into a sanctuary/love nest......Maybe I'll start working on that.

  2. Maybe for your garage sale you could make some dishcloths and headbands from your yarn bits and bobs thus decluttering and making some money at the same time! (As if you're looking for things to fill your time.)

  3. I am in a constant state of decluttering. My most pressing task is going to be painting the kitchen and "finally" making curtains for my cupboards...a job I have put off for 2 years now!! Can't wait to see our houses evolve into the wonderful dwellings they were intended to be...clutter free, open, inspiring spaces!

  4. Now that I'm back at work and dear husband is homeschooling 5 kids (does one homeschool an infant?), any progress is moving painstakingly slow. Apparently "renovating" is actually a lifestyle.

  5. We should start a Facebook group for procrasticleaners! ;) Good luck with that! We're busy on the attic, but it seems like we're not making any headway there... Sigh... We will struggle on!!!


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