Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I get caught up in that feeling of "I wish" or "I want" (a better camera, more land, nicer "stuff", that CD, money to buy fabric/wool/stamps/books) I am always pleased when the universe presents me with proof of the abundance surrounding me.

Like: going out to close up the chickens, and my ears tuning in to the evening sounds: spring peepers singing, Canada geese calling and answering, the sleepy clucks of the chickens and quacks of the ducks, a cow lowing in a distant pasture;

Like: visiting my neighbour's farm to meet a 1-day-old foal, who not only is a baby horse but a baby MINIATURE horse: curly white silk of tail, fuzzy newborn mane, strong legs, and about as high as my knee, all told. I think he may just have to join our menagerie someday;

Like: bravely taking the three little ones out to a barbeque, bonfire, and birthday party last night, meeting lovely people, the kids giddy with the thrill of staying up to see the moon and stars, and birthday cupcakes with SPARKLERS!

Like: gazing at my oldest girl's sleeping face as she lay in my arms by the warmth of a fire, passing her and the sleeping baby off to other caring arms so we could play music, our sweet boy stubbornly resisting sleep 'though he was weaving from side to side on his chair;

Like: the rare pleasure of singing and playing music with my dear husband, firelight playing on features, cares and worries carried away by our voices raised in song.

What evidence of your own wealth can you find today?

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  1. It is true when they say the best things in life are free. Nature, family, love, this is true wealth, and thank goodness for that! Great post.


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