Thursday, April 29, 2010


The task I find most tedious these days is making dinner. In the busy-ness of working part-time while running a home, raising children, and trying my hand at farming full-time, I find the day goes by before I think to ask "what should I make for dinner?" By four o'clock the options (beyond scrambled eggs or cheese toast) are limited.

So I went to our local library to get inspired, and found Jamie Oliver's "My Guide to Making You a Better Cook". I love his down-to-earth, you-can-do-it approach. I'm not easily daunted in the kitchen, and like my mother, am a "good cook" who just isn't overly fond of cooking.

There are lots of good recipes to add interest to staples like broccoli, squash, potatoes, and carrots.
Mmmm...parsley, garlic, orange zest, olive oil.

Oh, and big "knobs" of butter, with white wine, orange juice, and stock.

It baked really quickly and was enough of a change from our usual steamed carrot circles to refresh my attitude towards that daily task of making dinner. And the colours are just so pretty!

What will be on your table for dinner this evening?


  1. I love Jamie Oliver too...looks yummy...any leftovers????

  2. John is throwing together spaghetti tonight as I will be running errands after work: garlic, onion, ground beef and Classico sauce. I don't think I'll start him off in the kitchen making it from scratch....:)

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  4. I am making meatballs.....a blend of turkey and venison.....(don't ask). I am thinking of a from scratch pineapple inspired sauce but might just make the Japanese sauce I usually make......will serve it with short-grain brown rice and asparagus.

  5. Oh great! Jamie rocks! We have a family connection to the Jamie Oliver empire so his website is a daily read for the entire family. We are all learning to cook better, faster and get some variety.


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