Thursday, November 8, 2012

watching as they work

On Monday, after I got the wood stove stoked up and the breakfast dishes washed, I settled in to knit. After two months of full time work, the novelty of sitting quietly, listening to music, and watching my children play was a much-treasured experience.

Jude stayed home, and spent most of the day creating a spacecraft out of a cardboard box and Jenga blocks. Violet made apple wood-block muffins, while Margot played with the beloved mermaids. I was serenaded on the badminton banjo (with lots of made-up lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon). Pasta for lunch, and many trips to the window to watch the early November snow that swirled around all day. A hurried foray outside when we noticed the shy November sun shining on the kitchen island, only to be chased back in again by the cold air.

For this one day, all was peaceful and calm. There were no requests for Halloween treats or movies, as my three not-so-little little ones found many creative ways to keep themselves occupied.

I sat and knit, camera and various cats at my side, marveling at how skilled they are at the work of playing.


  1. Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! I love all the shots of colour!

  2. Love those mermaids! I remember playing like this as a kid - there's nothing better. Glad you all enjoyed a peaceful, imaginative day. I started reading Practical Magic, by the way, and love it. Thank you for the recommendation!

  3. I love the wood block muffins! And that the cats are in on the play, by choice or force. Such wonderful moments. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds so lovely! I adore the cardboard space ship!


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