Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Day of the Year

Yesterday was my last day of work.
I have a year ahead of me to focus in on being a mother and homemaker again.
I can hardly contain my excitement!

It's Saturday morning.
Jude woke up at 5:44 am thinking of a cure for MS. Margot sang Violet awake as she does every morning.
We convinced them to go downstairs to start a movie. Jude got everyone a banana, and when I woke up, it was almost 9 a.m.

Coffee is on now, everyone's been fed on toast (Jude's with grape jelly, Violet's with honey, Margot's with peanut butter), and I'm thinking of things to do today. 
I have the freedom now to create to-do lists that can be spread over a week or two, instead of trying to compress it all into each weekend.

My mug is empty but the coffee pot is full. That knitted blanket? A gift from same lady that knitted Margot's beloved blankie four years ago. 

I'm off now, to enjoy this rainy Saturday.
Enjoy yours.


  1. A whole year....good for you! Can I that common in Canada, or are you just choosing to take a year leave? I hope it is leave with pay. ;)
    It is a rainy day here in Minnesota also. Enjoy each of these gifts!

    1. Hi, Sheila; Canadians pay taxes that allow women to take a year off with a percentage of their pay. People who work for the government (soldiers, for example) make 100% of their pay. Teachers (like me) make about 55% of their salary. We can even split our leave with our husbands if we year to get your babe to his/her first birthday. Important, I think, and a privilege I appreciate!

  2. Wonderful adventures await and you will have so much fun with the Little Ones. May all your lists be fulfilled !~!

  3. sounds lovely! have a good year off!

  4. So happy for you .By the way,didn't you know ---that's why we have many children-so that the oldest one can watch the small ones in the early morning ha ha.An exciting year ahead and its not even summer vacation.I'm really looking forward too.

  5. Enjoy your year off. That's wonderful that you are allowed to take so much time off. I ended up going on maternity leave at 30 weeks and since she was born at 33 weeks that officially started my twelve weeks of leave. Luckily I only work 3 days a week so I was still able to be at home. How I would have loved a year off.

  6. I have been thinking ahead to my one year maternity leave and although I am looking forward to it immensely I have also been stressed as the employer where I currently work does not provide any maternity top up. Your post and all the comments from our friends down south reminded me again how lucky we are to have the ability to take off that year - a glorious privelege! I can't imagine having to go back to work after only 12 weeks, especially after having a child prematurely (as flyingjen above) :( Enjoy your time to its fullest - as will I come April!

  7. Welcome home. Now you get to focus on feathering your nest. What a delight.


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