Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Day With Margot

I am so enjoying these moments that we have together, the first since you were born that you do not have to share me with a sibling. Every second day, when Jude and Violet are both at school, I am all yours. You have folded me into the brightness of your spirit and I spend the day following your lead.

This morning, you wanted to have a bath. I was feeling pretty low; financial stress in the midst of late pregnancy does that to me. So, with the morning light pouring into the tub with the water, I joined you. You washed all your toys with mommy's special soap (a gift from my blessingway), then washed all of mommy. Between my toes, my legs, my belly, my back, all soaped up by your little hands! You kept saying that I'd be nice and "snoov" and it was all I could do not to just grab you and give you a big smooch! You gave me a kiss on my tattoo and told me you want a tattoo on your back when you're bigger. We'll see, my girl.
I gave your hair a trim, then painted your nails in a light pink-dark pink pattern. We put on aprons ("like baker girls!"), baked muffins and you ate lots of frozen blueberries. You licked the sugar off the island.
Nanny called and suggested we join her and Aunt Julie for a visit in town and it was just the little outing we needed. You wore Violet's "Little Orphan Annie" coat, and looked so sweet. After we visited a gift shop, you took a moment to look out at the river. Your eyes take everything in, and I can see your mind spinning with so many questions.
We ate out, and you delighted the server by telling her that the baby's name is STE-LLA-LU-NA (no, it's not)  and that she will be born really soon.
I'm excited and anxious for your sister to be born, while regretting that our time together is so quickly drawing to a close. You tell me that you love me with your whole heart, that I'm the nicest mom in the world, that you really like me sooo much. I hope that you feel the same while I adjust to sleep deprivation and the demands of a newborn. I hope I can summon patience for you when you are tired, too, or distressed by the shift in our family. And I hope we can continue to find moments just for the two of us, because you are one amazing girl.
I love you with my whole heart, too, Miss Margot Joy.


  1. Beautiful! Such a lovely day together. Love the last pic :)

  2. It's hard sometimes to watch family dynamics shift, but I bet Margo will love being a big sister and it will be fun to watch her nurturing side really blossom with her new baby, Stella Luna! (Much better name than one of the children in our parent child class who named her baby "Blop".)

  3. My sister's son keeps referring to his unborn brother as Fireman Sam. I love how little guys choose names!

  4. That was just the sweetest post thank you for that. It reminds me of the "bonus" time I had with my toddler son before my daughter was born. To the doctors she was "late" but for me she was right on time because it gave me a chance to settle into being at home and get re-acquainted with my son's rhythm.

  5. Oh my gosh, this post has me all choked up! What a lovely day you girls spent together. Thanks for sharing it with all of us! <3

  6. Tears plopping onto my keyboard...

    1. you will! you will find the time, and make the time and be all Margot needs.

      that is what we mommas do!

      My 4th was the easiest! slipped her in the sling, and she came along everywhere we went. She was already use to the noise, so it didn't bother her - infact i think it soothed her in a way.

      I luv reading ur final weeks as a family of 5, and as you all wait for this new babe to arrive!

      Thanx so much for sharing with us <3


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