Tuesday, November 6, 2012

sweet visit

Maybe it was the curly hair. Or the dusting of freckles. Or the honest way she wrote. When I stumbled upon her blog, Erin Ellenberger-March just stole my heart. I felt like I'd found the little sister I never had. Our early exchanges often focused on encouragement: that the hard days with our then-tiny kids would soon pass into easier times. I was a few years ahead on the life and mothering journey, and although I don't call it wisdom, I had a bit more perspective than I did when my youngest was still up at all hours and I was deeply sleep-deprived.

When we realised we lived a mere two hours apart, we joked about visiting someday, showing up on each others' doorsteps with kids in tow, for an afternoon of tea drinking and that strange kind of catching-up you can do with a complete stranger who shares a kindred soul.
See more of our shoot at Erin's site!

When Erin contacted me recently to ask if I would let her take some pregnancy photos of me, I squealed with delight at the irrationality of it all...piling her two small children, husband, and two dogs into the car, making the trip to a complete stranger's house, and spending a day together seems out of the ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time.

On Sunday, Erin arrived with her entourage. We hugged, laughed, and felt like we'd always known one another. Our five children demolished the house (silly me for cleaning it in the first place), we learned about our children's respective quirks, we made and ate lots of food, and our husbands worked on getting the wood in. Erin and I sneaked out to do our photo shoot amongst the old buildings that decorate our farm. 

The day passed quickly and before I knew it, we had to say goodbye. One last photo shoot in the kitchen, with too much flash, and the house was quiet again.
In a life ruled by rhythm and the expected routines of raising small children, Erin's visit was a breath of fresh air and a thrilling exercise in spontaneity. Trusting in serendipity is something I've always been good at, and this gathering confirmed it all for me. If it feels right, say yes! Seek out "chance" encounters with like-minded souls. There's always room for one more friend, isn't there? Even if you live hours apart or days apart. It is so very worth it!

Please stop by feather+anchor to see more of Erin's photography, and read her deeply honest writing in the blog section. You won't be disappointed!


  1. How wonderful!! I saw the photos on Erin's blog too and am speechless. WOW. Stephanie you look so beautiful and the background in the photos is just prefect. What a treasure these photos are! I am so happy you met and had such a wonderful day together. Here is an example of how AWESOME the internet can be. xox

  2. You are stunning Stephanie!! You and Erin look as though you could be sisters with the matching curly hair and freckles!

  3. You two could be sisters! What a great post and what gorgeous pictures! Lookin' good mama!

  4. You look radiant. Your blog inspires me; I read your good-bye to Pearl so often, the page is dog-eared and tear-stained. Looking forward to seeing the wee one.

    1. Thanks so much, Lynda! I love seeing your familiar name/face in my comments section. I was thinking about getting rid of my "highlights" sidebar but have had a few comments on those old posts this week so will leave them. I cry when I revisit that one too!

  5. I saw your photos on Erin's blog yesterday, they are beautiful...you are beautiful. Sounds to me like you guys had a lovely day.


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