Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yarn Along: and more socks...

Joining in with Ginny over at Small Things in this week's Yarn Along!

The one-pair-per-child-before-baby's-birth sock project is carrying on as planned. For anyone out there thinking, "I could NEVER do socks!" or think I'm fiddling around with four tiny needles, think again! These are toe-up socks with NO grafting, NO seams, and only one long, circular needle. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's what you need to learn: the Magic Loop cast on. It changed my life, and my children will be the glad recipients of lovely hand-knit socks because of it. Find someone who knows who can teach you, or brave the world of Youtube knitting tutorials.

I just have to knit about two more inches onto Margot's pair, then I'll cast on for Jude's. I admit, my enthusiasm for sock knitting is waning a bit, but I can't leave him without a pair. He picked this great Regia yarn from the stash...a blend of reds, greens, purple, brown, and tourquoise. He maintains that it is not too girly. 

I've been reading Agatha Christie lately. Did anyone out there read her politically incorrectly titled "Ten Little Indians" back in high school like I did? I haven't looked at her books since. But I've heard a few references to Miss Marple and her knitting in the past month so finally picked up a few titles at the local library. And what can I say? I LOVE Miss Marple! She clicks away on her needles by the fireside, appearing to count purls and knits while really, she is applying her uncanny knowledge of human nature to figure out whodunnit. 

Just the kind of reading I love when gestating a baby!

I'll admit, that this has also become a watch-along (at least for me). I do my knitting while watching DVDs I borrow from our library. Right now, I'm working my way through all the Grey's Anatomy seasons...on Season 2 right now. Yes, I've seen them already. And I'll watch them least until Season 3 of Downton Abbey is released on DVD!

Do pop by Ginny's blog to see what everyone else is knitting!

Please come back to visit, as I've got some lovely baby-knits planned for as soon as Jude's socks are done!


  1. I have only ever knit socks using dpn's, but you have my interest peaked now for learning toe up socks. I learned to knit using Youtube so will have to check on the magic loop method.

  2. oh I am waiting for season 3 of Downton Abbey on DVD as well! I too just found the joy of knitting socks...2 at a time on the circular's magic!!

  3. I read all of Christie's novels when I was pregnant with my first child, we had an excellent public library when we lived in Texas!! Good memories :)

  4. I read "Ten Little Indians" way back in high school, and haven't read her stuff since, but may have to have another go.
    I absolutely love Gray's Anatomy, and am die hard DVD knitter. Enjoy! I'll definitely look up that cast on as socks have always intimidated me. Thanks for the advice.

  5. I think I need to try the Magic Loop again. Everyone seems to love it. I couldn't get the hang of it & just end up using my tiny little 9-inch circulars for small-diameter things. But even that is too big for socks for my littles so maybe I will give it another go... xo

  6. I keep hearing about the magic loop but have never done it. YouTube has been a wonderful thing on my latest project. I watched over and over until I got the pattern down! I've heard toe up socks are easier...

  7. Great socks! Have you seen the new Miss Marple series on PBS? Might fill your need for Agatha and TV series combined. :)

  8. Gestational reading. I had forgotten about that. Now, gestational knitting is something I've never done. Well, not any real knitting.

    The socks! I am so impressed. I mean, that's a LOT of beautiful socks you've been churning out! And now you've done gone and sold me on knitting some. If only I could find someone to teach me IN PERSON...

  9. Enjoyed your blog as usual! I am knitting toe-up socks, two at a time, but not with this magic loop thing you speak grafting though.
    Plus, you've got me all in the mood for Ms. Maple!

    Enjoy all the creating! (socks, babies...)

  10. Okay I have wanted to try socks, but always talk myself out of it for the reasons you mentioned. I am going to check out your method, can't wait! Thanks.

  11. i've never read a.c. and i very much want to, she was one of my mom's favorite authors. thank you for reminding me!
    this may sound strange, but i like making socks the traditional way. yours look so pretty and colorful!


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