Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Duds for Dusty

This beloved guy is Dusty, Jude's compadre. He was starting to look a bit shoddy (and the look wasn't improved by the fly that landed on his face just as I took this picture). 

Jude had been asking for new duds for awhile, and although there are many other things to do, I set today aside to accomplish the task. 
A pair of old jeans were quickly fashioned into new denims for this wrangling cowboy (I used the side and bottom seams from the originals to give them a real jean look!). Some flannel become a sweet plaid shirt, complete with a collar and some wooden bead-buttons.
A scrap of leather and a random button became a belt into which any self-respecting cowboy would be proud to hook his thumbs!
I finished the ensemble off with a neckerchief  to dress up his look. Jude maintains that he needs some boots, a holster, and a gun, too. Maybe next Sunday will allow for some more fun creative time to complete Dusty's new look!

Right now, Margot is trying to set him up with her mermaid.


  1. The new clothes looks great! Just today I made a bed with a blanket and pillow for my son's baby (who's permanently dressed in jammies and nightcap) and he promptly said he needs clothes to change into when he wakes up. And diapers, because, after all, he's still a baby. I'd better get to work! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. nice work... especially on that flannel shirt!


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