Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Spin Me

Sometimes I wish to post, and wonder...what should I write about? I sift through the week's photos, moments many and mundane, wondering, would they care about this? 

Sometimes I stumble across a photo I took but forgot about, like this one:
And everything comes full circle (no pun intended) when I realise that I once posted about spinning this little girl around on my hip. The clinging hands, the giggles and cries of "Again! Again!", the sheer joy...all brought me back to the times when I've spun my kids around, and back further to when I was small enough to be spun on a grown-up's hip.


  1. I can totally hear the giggles! I love it!

  2. Adorable! Kids and spinning go hand in hand. I can remember being at family weddings as a flower girl and being spun by all my relatives over and over again! Great classic childhood memories. Although the thought of it now makes me feels a little nauseous!

    Happy Weekend.

  3. First, ADORABLE photo! Second, your words have left me with a yearning. And lastly, I understand what you're saying about posting. But you know what - and I think this is what you're saying here - blog for YOU. For your children. And the rest of us will be honoured to watch from the sidelines. Truly.


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