Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Alteration

We all have an image in our minds of what it is to be pregnant.  This picture, taken recently by my mother, captures the way I feel at this 35 weeks, I start drifting into that dreamy, soft place where everyday cares make way for thoughts of tiny bonnets and onesies, of having a peaceful birth, and of that timeless moment when mother and babe first look at one anothers' faces. It is a blurred, pastel-coloured time, and one I always cherish....before the exhaustion, physical recuperation, and non-stop tending begin.
I figured it was time for a last hurrah, and going out dancing for Halloween with some of my best girlfriends seemed like the best option. But first...the costume:
I know. I just look gross, don't I? I think my husband's words, in regards to the mustache, was "dirty". For school, I usually dress up as a princess of some sort, to the delight of my Kindergarten students. For going out, I usually don a colourful bobbed wig, sparkly makeup, and some confection of a costume involving wings, belly dance coin scarves, veils, and so on.

To say that this costume was a stretch out of my usual boundaries would be understating it.

Dressing up allows us to alter our personalities for an evening. I ran into several parents of children I teach, or have taught, and it took them several beats to even recognize me. I walked, sat, spoke, and danced as if this Dwayne character was who I really am. The belly? Too many beers. I wore my husband's favourite red y-front undies, and drew on belly and chest hair. 

We had a hoot, to say the least. I shook my belly and swaggered around like I was the hottest thing on earth.
It was refreshing to not be pretty, graceful, or sexy on Halloween night. I scratched my belly, hitched my pants up, and sneered at every chance. Getting out for one more night of fun before the pastel-days arrive was just what the doctor ordered. 

What will YOUR alter be on Halloween night?


  1. You are a RIOT, Stephanie, and I'd go dancing with a nut like you anytime! And that Dwayne character...I think I may have run into him at the Wal-Mart in Bowling Green, KY...

  2. Still unbelievable because it is so not like you to do something this extreme. I wouldn't have recognized you had I met you in a bar. So hilarious!!!! Great fun!!! Wait til this babe sees how you showed off your belly on Hallowe'en.

  3. HA! I love the contrast between the peaceful-dreamy mama in the first picture, and the greasy beer-belly dude in the second! Great costume!

    I'm not dressing up this year, but I am making a little altar to honor loved ones who have passed on. It's my first time doing something like that, and I'm excited to bring some new meaning and tradition to the day!

  4. HOW is that even YOU??? Oh, I'm laughing myself silly at your transformation! Who knew that you could rock a mullet? And it looks like the beautiful ladies *love* your beer belly.

    STILL laughing...

  5. Dude! Awesome! If I could give you a high five and pass you a beer I would! :)


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