Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yarn Along: Colours

Among the many annoying things about working full time is that I don't often get home in time to take pictures by natural light. I am not a fan of flash photography so please accept my apologies for the flashy look I get these days!

That neat blocky thing (that will desperately need blocking when it's done!) is our baby's blankie. I've never made one before and usually avoid knitting things like this (I like small intricate things that require shaping to keep my interest). But Margot and Violet, who both have ragged, filthy beloved blankies that were hand knit for them by other kind folks have insisted that what this new baby needs most is her own blankie! 

I'm using the Moderne Baby Blanket pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting (by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne).  I opted for bright pastels as I feel they're more appealing to babies than the suggested "modern" (monochromatic) colour scheme in the book's sample. As I knit along, I imagine teaching her her colours with this blanket as I did with the bright stripes of Margot's blankie.

It's knit in Debbie Stoller's (of Stitch 'n' Bitch fame) Bamboo Ewe which I can pick up handily at our local farm-supply store in lots of colours. 

I just finished Alice Hoffman's The Red Garden. It was a hard-to-put-down read and I highly recommend it. It chronicles the ordinary and extraordinary people and events that take place in one small Massachusetts town, starting in the mid-1700s right up into the present day. Stories and legends get passed down, and the characters all connect through the founding families of Blackwell. As in so many of Hoffman's books, there is a sense of "magical realism" that is just delightful!

I hope to check out more of her books when next I visit our library. 

Please drop by Small Things to share your Yarn Along or to see what others are reading and knitting these days!


  1. Am now reading "Probable Future" which I will bring for you in November. It's a good one, too!Love the look of that blankie. Such pretty colours!

  2. Lovely colours! And I haven't heard of that Alice Hoffman book, but it sounds good :) I have another of hers on my to-read shelf at the moment!

  3. That's completely adorable! I'm sure your new little one will love it. :)

  4. Love the colours, so bright and happy.

  5. Your blankie almost looks like the log cabin blanket I'm knitting for the Linus Project (which I hope to finish eventually). Every baby needs a homemade blanket.

  6. I really like your baby blanket colours! Thanks for the book idea, sounds great.

  7. I really like the blanket you are knitting for your new little one - how are you doing?

  8. i love those colors and bamboo ewe is such a nice yarn to work with.
    that book sounds wonderful. i am going to have to add it to my ever growing list. lol

  9. Your baby blanket is going to be fabulous! I'm smiling imagining your little one all snugged up in it.

    Bamboo Ewe is great. Soft. I love those colours you've selected. Particularly that yellow. Thanks to Littlest, I'm a little fixated on lello at the moment.

    And there is something so darned satisfying about purchasing yarn at the local farm-supply store, isn't there?


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