Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wee Apron

While I'd like to be the kind of blogger that can link to the suppliers of the beautiful fabric she uses, I'm not. While I'd like to make it appear effortless to whip up handmades, it is not.

I hate sewing. I'm the only one of my mother's daughters who does it at all, and while I'm capable, I inevitably end up cursing at the poor machine (who didn't do anything, was my fault the tension wasn't right), pulling the fabric out too forcefully, and putting the whole thing away.

Still, after lots of rethreading, tension-adjusting, and yes, cursing, I occasionally produce.

In this case, I created a little apron for my friend's daughter. What child doesn't need an apron? Aprons are wonderful! You can add various pockets depending on the child's interests. A painter's apron, a carpenter's apron, a chef's apron, or in this case: a pretty market apron (her parents are the CSA farmers from whom we acquire our summer fruits and vegetables)!

 So. Seeing as how she's a little farmer in training, I needed a botanical print. You can't really see the details in the pink bib fabric, but it's got little pigs, chickens, and farm girls on it; I found it in a bag of vintage scraps that was given to me after I'd placed an ad in the local paper graciously asking old women to clean out their closets and donate their old sewing stuff to ME!
Now, I'm making plans to "whip up" another 22 of these, in Christmas fabric, for our Christmas concert (we're doing a song about baking cookies). Let the cursing begin!


  1. THAT is a gorgeous apron. Mom will be proud!
    Good for you for sewing for your students. I still remember what I wore at my kindergarten concert so it's worth the effort. :)

  2. Oh how beautiful! I make aprons for my wee-est ones from linen dishtowels (the lazy way out, but not half so pretty!). Twenty-two? Really? God be with you, dear...!

  3. GULP, 22 eh?
    But it is SOOOOOOOO cute!

  4. Lovely! The little farmer in training (my cousin's babe) will look fab in it - can't wait to see her in it next time we visit! It suits her perfectly.

  5. What a perfect gift. I love making aprons, and wear one pretty much daily (klutz-proofing!), but 22? You're a saint!

  6. Well that is the loveliest little apron I ever did see! This is the perfect inspiration for me. I am attempting my FIRST serious sewing project ever. I once made my husband a pair of pajama bottoms and when I saw the final result I told him it had just been a joke... A very unplanned joke.
    I have bought several fabrics I'm in love with and I am attempting to make a duvet cover for Soleil's transition from crib to big girl bed. Dun, dun, dunnnn.... Let the cursing begin!

  7. Adorable! As a child I had a little denim apron with heart-shaped fabric pockets my mother's friend made for me. My daughter now wears it when we cook together. I wish my daughter was in your kindergarten class - that apron is just so sweet!


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