Wednesday, November 30, 2011


In the evening, when all is quiet and the dishes are washed, I sit on the couch to knit. Two little kittens start the evening out by wrestling and stalking my balls of yarn, but (being babies as they are), they are soon tuckered out and find a place to sleep.
What could be a cosier bed than this basket of wool, on the table beside where I sit (conveniently close enough to reach out for a little rub or a pet)?

Their little blissed-out faces speak of full bellies, adventures outside, and mouse dreams.
Oh, to sleep the sleep of a well-loved cat!


  1. So very, very sweet! This shared love of yarn must make cats endearing to many knitters. (Though I must confess irritation when one pounces on a ball of yarn and sends it rolling under the couch, where it finds all sorts of dust, ahem.)

  2. That is precisely why I can't leave yarn laying about. We have nine indoor cats - I end up with more cat hair than wool! (:

    Your kittens do look super sweet, though.

  3. Seems like it is the knitty gritty kitty homestead in this post!!
    Love how cute they are,


  4. Love me some kitties, for sure. At present we have just one indoor kitty and a couple neighborhood cats that come around to decimate the only catnip plant in the vicinity. If we don't cover it with a fan grate or a milk crate it gets demolished by the end of a day or two.


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