Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Blogging Quandary

Our internet has been uncooperative lately. It should be sorted out soon. I don't have time to check other blogs, as much as I love to read about the lives of others, and I find I'm kind of enjoying the "free" time. Evenings that are usually spent browsing and blogging are spent reading, going to bed early, or cuddling up with my honey for a movie.

It's weird. Even though blogging allows me to focus in on the wonderful bits of life, and provides me with a beautifully organised documentary of my journey as a mother, I feel more present in my life when I'm not blogging.

I remember in the height of blogging madness, I thought blog-thoughts all day long. Each photo was blog-potential, and I berated myself if I forgot my camera when something wonderful happened. And I have most of those moments posted on the blog. But my memories of the actual moments are a bit blurry.

So. Doing leaf rubbings with my kids just for the fun of it, and being present with them (rather than grabbing for the camera and making sure the background isn't too messy) is feeling really, really great.

I feel like I'm striking a balance, finally, by not posting every day, and sometimes not posting at all in a week. I don't really have a great camera (all the really nice shots on here are done with my mom's camera which she generously lends me regularly so I can create a "bank" of blog photos), and my time is limited these days.

Letting myself off a hook that I myself hooked myself on feels really, really good. Saying "Yes!" to my kids instead of "Just a second!" feels really good. Just living each moment, without thinking about how I'll retell it in a post or wondering if I should tidy up before taking a photo feels really good.

So, I'm taking the internet break as a blessing, and will be back here now and then. I do want to show off Jude's Waterhorse Sweater (it's finished!) as soon as I can manage to get the photos loaded up!

Until then, take care.


  1. I am with you on this. I found that since August I just haven't had the extra what ever it is to put into posting on a regular basis.
    And couldn't agree more with your thoughts.

  2. I hear ya! I now post only a couple times a week, sometimes not at all and it's much better than stressing about getting something up every day of the week. Glad you found balance....it does feel very good indeed!

  3. Everything in moderation. Good advice strikes again!

  4. I often feel the same way - looking forward to hearing from you from time to time though.
    Warm wishes,

  5. Take your time mama, I took a whole year!
    If it helps...I try to take 1 night a week as "blog" night. I'll write up 2 or 3 posts (or at least get them started) I'll catch up on my blog list reading and then I'll be done for the week mostly. If there's something simple and easy I'll squeeze it in after the littles are asleep.
    I can't imagine blogland with a slow connection, it must be so frustrating. We live in an urban downtown setting, so razor fast fios helps a lot. We'll be moving soon (to the middle of nowhere) and I'm a bit nervous about the internet connection. Oh well. We all lived well before it, just maybe we got inspired by books instead of blogs, not so bad!

  6. This is the way that I approach it, although I still take LOTS of photos. What ends up happening, when I feel up to it, is I go back to the photos and relive the memories - and I love it that way. I still like to blog, though as it's a great way to tell stories, treasure memories, and share with family and friends. I've actually had a blog since my eldest was born and have decided to take the photos and stories from that blog and put them into a photo book for her and I to treasure together as one story of her early childhood...just one. :) I keep coming back here no matter how much you post. It's always a treasure, a little or a lot. Enjoy...K

  7. I'm trying to take a no obligation approach to the blogging too. But like Spirit of Fire, I still take just as many photos! Actually, probably MORE photos, as I have more time to do so :-)

    I look forward to visiting (as always)...whenever.

  8. I think I'm currently in the midst of blogging/tweeting madness, and I know that at some point, I'm going to have to make a break. So far, I've told myself that it's for "business." That I need to grow my business through SM. But I'm realizing it's changed my life completely - I don't even read books anymore!!! I have NEVER not read books. I used to read 2 novels per week, even with a child. Anyway, I'm accepting the madness right now, but am also open to the possibility of cutting back in the future. I know it will make sense at some point

  9. Good for you. It seems a number of us started blogging at the same time, and hit that wall at the same time as well. I've come to realize that it's like anything else - a hobby that we can pick up here and there, but at times needs to be moved to the back burner - guilt free. Enjoy saying "yes!"

  10. I'm happy to hear you've found a groove that works for you. Enjoying time with your family is usually better than pretty much anything else! We'll miss your frequent posts, for sure, but it's good to know that your enjoying yourself somewhere close by:)

  11. I know exactly what you mean. I feel more "free" now, even though I put myself in the situation. I still do reach for the camera often, but I try to do it more for documentary purposes. : )

  12. Ah, yes, blogging balance. I still struggle with it. Glad you've found yours!

  13. I finally made it to the place where I am wondering if I should keep blogging and I never thought I ever feel that way.

    Maybe just a break.

    Thanks for your post about blogging quandries.

    Namaste, Nicole


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