Monday, November 21, 2011

Airing Out the Woolens

I washed all our woolens last week, and hung them out to dry on what just might be the last mild day of 2011. The familiar forms and colours of sweaters and scarves danced in the November breeze, calling to mind Jan Brett's "The Hat", where the farm animals adopt a little girl's woolens as their winter garb.

The blue skies were balm to my November-weary eyes.

The cheerful stripes of these scarves, knit by a friend, will do their part to dispel the winter blues, when it is finally upon us.
Some items, like this little green sweater (the first I designed) will be put away; I don't have the heart to give it away (yet), and might just keep it for a grandchild to wear (provided the mice don't get to it first).
The clouds to the west speak of winter's imminent arrival. We'll be ready, with a basket of clean, fresh, warm woolens to keep us from the cold.


  1. I love the smell of fresh air-dryed clothing.

  2. Put the sweater in a ziplock bag and squeeze as much air out as you can muster, then put it in the freezer for as long as you can tolerate it. Then pack it away. I have itty bitty baby items from my girls stored safely over 30 years!

  3. When driving or walking through neighbourhoods
    ( don't do that often anymore!) I always am drawn to the places with clotheslines full of clothes. In my mind interesting people live there. Clothes lines just say welcome, I am happy with who I am and don't feel the need to hide! Long live the clothesline

  4. I love those pictures! Artistic expression of a simply beautiful life!

  5. I need to wash all of my hats, mitten and scarves too. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely photos.


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