Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Waterhorse Sweater

It's grey. It's itchy. It'll keep him warm on a windy, rainy day by a loch.
It's the Waterhorse Sweater!

This kid loves tweed caps, and looking like his daddy. So he proudly donned this as soon as it was blocked, and went for a wander on our "moors".

 Of course, a six-year-old boy can only pose in thoughtful, Scottish ways for a few shots. Then, it's back to his dance moves.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I used the Saddle Shoulder shaping from Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Without Tears", and let me tell you: if you're afraid of math and design, this genius of a woman can set you on the path. This is my second "original" sweater, and I'm thrilled with the fit. It's made with Briggs and Little "heritage" in Threaded Grey and White. The itch factor is reduced once washed, and I find this wool gets softer and softer as time goes by. I love it for its rustic feel and look, mild sheepy smell, and price! And you can't beat 100% wool for warmth, whether you're in Scotland or Canada.

It's perfect for my explorer-son.


  1. It is beautiful! And ever so masculine. And I am glad I am not alone in loving a slightly "sheepy" smell in yarn. I used a beautiful merino for Sebastian's Christmas sweater, and I kept burying my face in it for the smell!

  2. Lovely! Your little guy is so cute. My six year old boy likes to show off his dance moves, too. :)


  3. This is a drop-dead-gorgeous creation! Congrats on an amazing sweater.

    p.s. Is it hard to knit socks? I'm still a novice, but I've had a request from a very sweet four year old that I know.

  4. It is stunning!

    I recently found a hat like his for my son. I adore it - it suits him perfectly and everyone comments on it. Now, I just need to find a matching sweater! ;)

    Well done...


  5. Dance moves? Excellent! (nice sweater, too!)


  6. Beautiful sweater & boy!! The picture of the dance moves is sure to be a 'framer'!

  7. I love these photos! The sweater is gorgeous.
    Can we talk about a sweater that I could knit for John- not too complicated? Maybe you can email me some pattern suggestions?
    It's time I knitted again. You have inspired me to make something for my own Scottish man!

  8. That is a great BOY BOY sweater. I think I'll go in that direction with my grandsons - goodness knows I have enough Ragg type yarn. Love the new pic of the eggs at the top of the page by the way.

  9. Wow, wow, wow! The sweater is gorgeous, and it looks perfect on your son. Well done!

  10. It's lovely! And the disco dance move is tooo perfect :)

  11. Ack! It is FABULOUS! LOVE the cap accessory. And the disco move :-)


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