Thursday, January 12, 2012

the nicest teacher ever

According to Violet, the best teacher ever speaks in a high-pitched, sing-song falsetto voice, akin to Disney's Snow White.
She is a good artist, and draws nice pictures of her students.
She always wears pretty sparkly ballet dresses, and fishes for compliments from her students: "Do you like my dress? I bought it myself!"

She allows feline educational assistants in the classroom.

She has excellent classroom-management skills, and encourages creative dress and knitting in class.

She sometimes needs to ask one of her pupils for help with her letters, but the best teacher ever finds no shame in needing help or making mistakes. She picks a special helper for the day, and prints out her name.
She wears glasses sometimes, because they make her look smart. She's the best teacher ever, and I hope to be just like her someday.


  1. Way cute ... what an amazing imagination shines out of the Littles as they go about their days.

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  3. I wonder where she is learning all of her wonderful teaching skills from?????? The glasses are hilarious....

  4. I love her style and the feline educational assistants too.
    Were you the one knitting in class?

  5. What an incredibly sweet post! I love it!


  6. Love the way you captured this! What fun days! They really are adorable ~ as a mama to three girls, I know you are having a ball with them!

  7. Hi, I found you at Barefoot Five. I just LOVE this post so much. And the picture of your girly tiptoeing at the board is SO precious! Saw you are in Canada...ME TOO!

  8. I went through and visited some of the blogs on your kindred spirits list. WOW, what a great list!!!


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