Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Musings: Back to Work!

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Right now, everyone is abed (but me); I've written my morning pages (three pages of free-form, stream-of-consciousness writing by hand in my journal), read today's passage in "Simple Abundance", and have fed the cats. The table is set and ready for breakfast, the clothes are laid out, backpacks ready, and my bag for school hangs on the doorknob. Back to school we go!

This weekend, I went into my classroom to prepare for the return of my little Kindersurprises. I organised math "work stations" focussing on 3D geometric solids, cleared out a few baskets of paper, admired the cleanliness of the floor (thanks to our school custodian), rearranged my schedule to accommodate a longer language block in the afternoon, and took down the last of the Christmas decorations. On Sunday, I declared that it was FINALLY my turn to sleep in. I got up at 5:30 am, let my husband sleep till 8:30, then I crawled back into bed with Earl Grey tea, a sliced apple, almonds, peanut-butter toast, and an amazing book. THIS, to me, is luxury. Add a purring cat to the mix, and I can say I'm the richest woman on earth.

Some plans for the week: A dear, dear man and local legend, Barney McCaffery, passed away this past week, so we'll be attending his wake, and performing at his Irish wake. This man was a storyteller, musician, collector of folklore, homesteader, artist, visionary...everyone in the Ottawa Valley is mourning his demise. At any event, you'd be sure to see Barney with his long grey beard, old thrifted suits, snowboots, and accordion, playing original songs that told the tales of Valley people. He was a treasure, and will be sorely missed.

If I find some time for myself, I will nap in the afternoons on the days when I'm home. Yes, it's my guilty pleasure (except I really don't feel guilty about it!) I pop a video in for Violet, put Margot down for her nap, and doze off on my bed. Sometimes I get two hours (rarely), other times twenty minutes. It doesn't matter. Nothing soothes my mind like a little cat nap.

I am grateful for the two weeks I had with my children. I'm grateful I said, "Yes!" to their request that I play outside with them, because I learned that tobogganing down a hill with a child on your back is actually the secret to eternal youth. Belly laughing with a face-full of snow, flying over a snowback and landing so hard that you crack the sled...well, let me tell you. I felt like I was a kid again. What my chiropractor will say when I tell him how I hurt my tailbone, I don't know. Maybe just, "It was worth it".

Something that makes me smile: Purring kitties. Washing my hair with Lush products. Watching the joy on my husband's face as he introduced his kids to "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". Margot flexing her arms to show me her muscles. Violet having a tantrum that was only ended when I very gently took her in my arms. Jude's wiggling teeth. Seeing a bald eagle fly over our heads when we were sliding today.


  1. Love this post....both my mother and I have read Simple Abundance for years! We reread it daily every year...and I am so distressed because I can't find my book....somewhere during my hectic holdiday schedule and travels it disappeared and hasn't resurfaced. I can't wait much longer and will have to buy a new one but I really want my old, worn copy! I don't know many people that read that book so when I saw that you mentioned it.....I had to comment!

  2. Treasure those simple moments with the children, for they are fleeting. Our family sure loved sliding when the girls were little. It distresses me that they don't do any outdoor activities of this sort with their kidlets.
    We are hoping to attend Barney's Wake as well. Gosh I'm going to miss that man! The last time I saw him (Dec.23) I came close to running him over with my car! Barney was like everybody's favorite goofball uncle....

  3. I'm sorry to hear about Barney, I've seen him around the valley when we lived there. He looked like a most interesting character. This is why I need to read your blog, to be kept in the loop :) I read your post on your grandmother's passing one year anniversary. I saw the CWL national magazine had spelt her name wrong last spring, that was rectified in the last issue. She was well known in the local CWL circles and will be missed.

  4. Oh - Barney...I didn't know. I remember one of my first times chatting with him, when I was eight months pregnant with Eldest. He chased me down, beard and hair flying, yelling out, "I do pregnancy photos!" We had a chat that grew into a visit, and was followed by many interesting talks throughout the years. Mainly about homeschooling and Finland and photography and music and...I can't believe he's gone.

  5. I love hearing of your bright-and-happies. I am amazed at wiggly teeth and growing kids. It is a painfully sweet process, this parenting business. I hope your 2012 is deep and filling!


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