Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big Art

Our easel comes and goes; sometimes it takes up so much space, we tuck it away until it becomes "new" again. I put small ziploc sandwich bags in 125-mL Mason jars; these hold the paint, make clean up easy, and can be zipped for reuse when the painting's done.

With two of my nieces visiting for the week, there was some big art happening around here.

We had to make another round of these, as the originals were all given away and I wanted some for our walls!

Sometimes, when five cousins want to create together, the art gets bigger than originally planned:
It starts out with a green "warlock mountain" with electricity spewing from the top. This electricity traverses the volcano, and across the entire artwork of flowers, a snow scene, a portrait of Persephone, and Violet's "tomato". A request for clarification reveals that this is actually, a tornado. Jude's electricity manifests itself as arrows coming out of his character's head.

The painting goes on for over an hour, with polite requests to pass a particular colour, paper-turf wars, Violet protesting that the electricity went behind her volcano, compliments, and advice.

Great things happen when children are cut loose with paper, paint, and brushes. The bigger the paper and the more the kids, the better!


  1. awesome, what a beautiful sight: so many children creating together!!

  2. My children are SO lucky to have you for an aunt. These photos just made my morning!!

  3. Wow, that is awesome. So nice to see children creating together, love it!!!!

  4. Ha - I just read the comment you left on my blog and I can't even wrap my brain around it....seriously....your weather is -33 degrees Farenheit? Yes, you must be laughing at my little ole southern, wimpy self....How you live in that I will never know....but then again, we don't blink an eye at 102 temps everyday in the summer! I really did not know it got that cold anywhere but the North Pole! I love reading your blog and am glad you stopped by mine! Nice to learn about other cultures! Your daughter is so cute painting in her "fancy" dress! I book marked the tree project and am going to do it with my twelve year old...just love that one! Have a good day (hopefully a little warmer and toastier then -33 degrees) have got me shaking my head at that one!

  5. How very fun for the children and I think for the adults too!!

    I love how creative the photos are!


  6. ooh you just gave me a flashback to my kindergarten class, we were always standing at the easels in the back of the room painting... bittersweet memories.

    and unrelated to the post, i love your floors and the color of your walls!

  7. Ziplock bags of paint! You're a genius!!!

  8. I am so going this with the kids on monday. Genius! :-)


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