Tuesday, January 24, 2012

GratiTuesday: Art Matters

Once a year I gather with a group of wild women, shy and boisterous, artsy and not-sure-if-they're artsy. We spent a weekend together, teaching each other and learning from each other. Sometimes we share our gifts in formal sessions, and in the quiet spaces between scheduled sessions, we teach each other songs, how to cast on, and how to live with joy.

This year I presented a guitar workshop, as well as a belly dance session. I knit a few more inches on those darn socks that seem like they'll never be finished (I started them at last year's gathering...)
Once again, I was drawn to the drumming workshop. This year, I asked the question that had been whispering at me: can I try the djuns? With the patience and encouragement of that sweet teacher to my left, I had it. 

Her wisest words to me when I kept saying that I have no rhythm, that my husband is the drummer, that I can't coordinate my hands were:

That's the past. Why talk about it anymore?
So. In this present moment, I do have rhythm. I am a djun player, albeit a beginner. 
This retreat stretches the limits of who I think I am, year after year. I come home replenished, confident, and certain that the arts will be the saving grace in this troubled world. I am reminded of the magic that is conjured when women gather together creatively in a place of support and love. 

I am so very thankful.


  1. How wonderful that you have such great women in you life!

  2. That should read your! jeesh, I need more coffee.

  3. I am going to drum some day, too. And guess what is sitting on my kitchen table......the beginning of a sock!!!! I am KNITTING socks for myself with the help of the mama. Yep, I may just come on over to the artsy fartsy side afterall. Glad you had a great weekend. i am going next year!!

  4. Oooh, your post gives me shivers And tears!

    Love these wise words!!

    "That's the past. Why talk about it anymore?"

    And I love the idea of stretching who you are...and especially year after year. I'm one who has been slow to warm to changes but now I can't imagine life without constant change - that, I believe, is where our real growth and learning comes. Here's to embracing our stretching lessons!

  5. "Djuns" ~ at first I thought this was a typo as I have never heard of this instrument....but I learned something new today! Congratulations on your new found talent! I too had a great weekend shared with wonderful women...although sadly, I did not get to play the djuns!


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