Friday, February 4, 2011

This Moment

::as per photo of one moment of this week, no words, just the joy of remembering and the desire to cherish and savour...

Have a wonderfully wintry weekend!


  1. Wish I were there, chasing those little bodies down the driveway and scooping them for cold-cheek kisses!

  2. A perfect winter moment.
    I am actually glad that winter finally decided to arrive. No use having cold weather without a whole lot of snow.

  3. That is one BIG kitty. We may be getting a lot of snow this year but it is so great to get outside and enjoy it when the sun shines.

    Very sweet picture!

  4. Awwwww! This picture choked me up a bit. I miss my little ones and we just recently lost our big orange kitty.

    A beautiful picture!


  5. ooh I love this moment! the snow looks so pristine!

    I did a moment on Friday too!


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