Tuesday, February 15, 2011

GratiTuesday: The Valentine's Edition

I've become quite fond of this weekly perusal through the moments of my life. There is so very much to laugh about, and feel grateful for, even in the depths of February. Here are a few moments that have made me giggle this week.

Planning the next set of stripes on Jude's Scrap Cardigan.

A man who can carry his three kids up the stairs to bed.

Dreaming of tea parties in the potting shed in Spring.

Those toes, that dress, this girl.

Silly sisters in the clothes dryer.

Having help to blow out the candles!

A quiet live concert on a winter's evening in the comfort of our kitchen.

Violet learning to print her name!

Jude's Egg Math: evidence of sorting, counting, comparing.

This bedtime ritual.

Jude's first Lift-the-Flap book: Monsters, and Numbers, and the word "the".

Do share your moments of gratitude in your comment, or a link to your own GratiTuesday post!


  1. Does your husband always look so formal for bedtime ritual?? :) Great list as always. Jealous of all those eggs!


  2. Can I please come to the tea parties in the potting shed? I promise to bring cupcakes!! :)

  3. I was actually thinking about gratituesday this morning and was looking forward to seeing a post about it. The little things that make us happy in life! So, as I stumbled upon some bad news this morning, I am grateful for my family, my loving husband, and my life as it is. Thanks Stephanie for creating this wonderful ritual.

  4. I too was faced with bad news this morning when I opened my Email...nothing disastrous, but definitely in the "bummer" category. Then your post reminded me there are so many little things that are awesome, if only we took the time to see them. Thanks for the reminder!!

  5. On this beautiful sunny February day, I am grateful for the sun and how it is starting to actually feel warm. I am thankful for my time at home. And pees in the potty (not mine :-).
    Happy Tuesday.

  6. I have had one helluva a week and more specifically weekend and truthfully, I was feeling like there was a lot to be frustrated by. But, I am grateful for many things.....
    My ability to fight this gd cold
    My daughter having a scratched cornea as opposed to the alternative which was complicated neurological problems
    My husband who is such a gentle and patient father and husband (most of the time)
    This glorious sunny day
    My warm house
    Dependable caregivers for my daughter
    My family
    and much much more.

  7. Grateful to be in your company tonight and the beauty you radiate. xo

  8. Grateful for:
    -benefits to pay for the orthotics I am picking up tonight
    -a paycheque that was deposited into my bank account
    -healthy, loving daughters
    -lavender roses from my Love on Valentine's Day
    -homemade turkey soup for my lunch today
    -plans for a fun dinner party with friends this coming weekend!
    -that my niece, M, will be just fine!


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