Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Enjoy the Show

When the winter days get too long, and the temperature drops too low, mamas have to delve into their creative bags of tricks (or sewing baskets) to help pass the time. On one such day last week, we made sock puppets. Each of my children chose what they wanted, and got to help out with a few stitches.

Margot got a doggie (note my hand-clamp on her wrist to keep the thing still for a photo!)

Jude wanted a monster (complete with purple horns and craaaazy eyes),

and Violet chose a duck (hand-clamp again...that duck just didn't want to keep still!)

By some stroke of luck, I happened to have a yellow sock in my drawer.

The real fun began when the puppet show was performed, a plotless, convoluted thing that involved lots of squeaky voices and puppets biting each other. I imagine that as our puppet supply increases, we'll attempt performing actual stories. Or maybe tomorrow's pass-the-time activity will be writing a story about a duck, a dog, a monster, and the mother who loves them.

No tutorial here. Just get any old sock. Pull in the toe and secure with a stitch to create the mouth. Cut out ears/teeth/tongues/appendages from felt; sew on. Sew on buttons for eyes. Your child does not care how unprofessional your sewing is. She'll stick her hand in a marvel at how moving her hand causes the puppet to talk. She'll talk back to her new friend. Feel proud of yourself.

Then sit back and enjoy the show.


  1. It's so cute how your kids love to be naked all the time! My little girl hates wearing clothes :o) You are a very talented Mommy...

  2. Wow, your house must be so much warmer than ours! Looks like they had loads of fun. We had a bit of a stressful days. Ella was in one of her funny moods that border on bad but then she melts down into broken-hearted tears if you say the wrong thing. In fact, tonight she was sobbing getting ready for bed because she didn't want to get married and leave me! What a girl.

  3. Love those puppets and how pleased they are with them! Can't believe the yellow sock, what luck!

  4. Everybody wins....I love it.
    I can just picture the puppet show.

  5. Those are so cute! I tried to make sock puppets with my almost 3 year old and he just acts like I'm crazy. I guess he's not really into puppets yet. Hopefully he will be later because I LOVE playing with them!

  6. We made a puppet theatre for our kids for Christmas this year. Which I mean we were cutting the plywood with a skillsaw in our kitchen at 10:30pm Christmas Eve! The kids love it and the puppets were either ones I made or ones we had given too us. I love the potential that a puppet theatre holds.


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