Friday, February 11, 2011

Creative Friday: February Fun

February brings all kinds of creative possibilities:

::That sweater that I just might finish before winter's end.

::Ice mandalas, gifts from the faeries to remind us that Spring, indeed, will come.

::A bevy of handmade Valentine cards for my Kindersurprises.

::A tiny knitted that I just can't part will become wall art when I find the perfect branch.

Thanks to Ravelry, and my friends Shanti and Wabi Sabi for shared ideas!

Be sure to visit Linda at Natural Suburbia for more creative inspiration!


  1. Lots of colorful beautiful things. You have been busy.
    I love the little vest, it sits in a place of honor on my to-do list as well.

  2. Everything is so lovely! I am waiting for my scrap yarn to pile up enough for a sweater like that one. Oh, and the little vest--that is beyond adorable!

  3. Dear Stephanie,
    What beautiful projects you have been busy with! I LOVE the sweater, so vibrant:) The ice mandalas are magical...
    Thank you so much for linking to Creative Friday:)
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.
    Take care

  4. Beautiful! Do you have a pattern for the vest that you are able to share? :)

  5. I have that little "pebble" vest on my needles right now for dear nephew. When I think about how many really sweet patterns I have found on Ravlery, I only wish I had found it when my youngest was a baby.

    Your scrap sweater looks like it will be so much fun to wear. To have a kindergarten teacher wearing a rainbow, how cool is that?

  6. that sweater is too cool! but i also love that knitted vest. such a fantastic blog, too! i'm a mama, farmer and amateur knitter, so it's very inspiring for me, personally.
    love love it! thanks.


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