Tuesday, February 1, 2011


When the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius (that is just ridiculously cold), I find myself feeling grateful for all kinds of things.

::the joy of indoor cats

::the joy of outdoor cats

::after a day apart, siblings cuddling under a mama-made quilt

::the promise of a bag of yarn, and a new project on the needles

::endless cups of tea, and my shiny, whistly kettle

::the games of Hollywood Rummy with my husband that help pass the evenings

::the little love tokens my husband leaves: kindling, bundled newspaper, and wood

::and the fire I can create so quickly and effortlessly when I get home from work

::the signs of indoor play when the risk of frostbite is too great

::Jude's first taste of ice cream in years (this one is made from coconut milk!)

::and the promise of another sunny day in the snow with my chicklets.

My time on the computer is severely curtailed by the ever-presence of my children; the toddler who slams the laptop shut as I work, the preschooler who clambers up and kicks the internet stick out of the computer, the son who needs a drink, the husband who masks his irritation that I'm trying to blog now?

I'm trying to figure out how to add a Magical Widgety thingy. It's not going well. I just don't have time to fiddle around with the fancy stuff, as much as I'd like to and admire everyone else's ability to do so.

So, please share a link in your comment, or just a few words about what you're feeling grateful about today! GratiTuesday! Love it!


  1. Thankful that I live in a Mediterranean climate and never have to deal with snow unless I drive to the mountains four hours away. Thankful for neighbors with toddlers they let me look after several times a week; all the joy of grand-parenting and a bit of pocket change to boot. Thankful that already the orange poppies are blooming in my yard.

  2. Being indoors and watching a beautiful wintry mix falling all around outside; anticipation of going outdoors in 1 hour to walk the dog and pick up son from school (at early dismissal time due to the beautiful wintry mix)

  3. My whole family has been sick since Friday, but I'm grateful that my boys think 'nuggling' is the best medicine.

  4. The list is as follows:

    -Fresh cheddar cauliflower from the garden. The kids eat because it's the same color as macaroni and cheese.

    -The new spin instructor at the gym. His class was great and he's nice to look at :)

    -Bagels. I freakin' love bagels. I think I'll have one for lunch.

    -Good hair days.

    Hope you have a fantabulous day friend!

    Stephanie :)

  5. Today I am thankful for:
    *the promise of lots more snow in the forecast
    *surprises that come in the mail
    *the confidence that comes with making a dinner list on the weekend.
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Just posted my list. Thanks for encouraging me to take the time to see the good after a truly crummy week!!


  7. GratiTuesday for:
    *my 17 year old cat that is still around to sit on my lap while I type around her little black body
    *bottled organic milk
    *a wonderful partner that will come thru the door and smile his smile at me
    *childhood friends that you can always turn to
    *wool just waiting to be spun
    *CBC radio

  8. * that beautiful gray cat named Solstice in your first pic that belongs to me
    * the heated leather seat in Amy's car which brought me to work on this frigid morning
    * the leftovers in my fridge which will be so easy to heat up for dinner tonight
    * the grand assistance of a colleague on a project today
    * the squeals of "Mommy!" and the hugs upon my arrival at home after work tonight

  9. A little late in the day but nonetheless:
    *thankful that the whole family seems to be getting over a nasty stomach virus
    *thankful that the stray that's living under the henhouse has mad friends with her feathered neighbours ( whose kidding who, I'm sure she won't be an outdoor cat for much longer)
    *thankful that both the teenager in my life and myself weathered another stormy morning that ended in hugs
    *thankful the kids have a "snow day" tomorrow

  10. for your blog....there is an ah-ha moment in every post.

  11. I love this post. Your photos are a wonderful slice of a nice home life. Kids, cats, tea and knitting. Who could ask for more.

    I ma grateful for the seeing the High Mowing Seed display at the natural foods store today;)


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